Berlin Brats
"We spent our entire childhoods in the service of our country, and no one even knew we were there." - Pat Conroy
REUNIONS are all classes. They are about 4 days long and typically held every 3 years in a different location; rotating between the west coast, mid-country, the east coast and sometimes BERLIN.

REGIONALS are local get-togethers which usually are a luncheon, dinner or possible weekend get-together. They are organized by whomever, wherever and whenever. Go ahead, organize a gathering yourself!

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2022 Regionals
19 November Phoenix, AZ
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10 November Cold War Espionage Tour reservation deadline
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25 September Las Vegas, NV
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11 September Providence, RI
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20 February Cocoa, FL - Click Here for Flyer, Attendees and Photos 


2022 - 13th Reunion (rescheduled from 2020~ Seattle, WA - Finally!)

2-5 June, 2022

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2021 Regionals
11 November Berlin Brat panelists on Facebook Webinar for the Book: Walls Click Here
10 October Colorado Springs, CO - Click Here for Attendees and Photos
26 June Washington, DC Class of '85 Biergarten Haus - Click Here for Attendees and Photos
7 June Class of '71 Zoom Reunion Click Here for Attendees and Photos
3 May Melbourne, Florida Regional Click Here for Attendees and Photos
27 February Class of '72 Zoom Reunion  Click Here for Photos and Attendee List!

2021 - 13th Reunion rescheduled from 2020 ~ Seattle, WA
10-13 June, 2021 Cancelled (again) due to Covid-19 AND
civil unrest in the city.

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2020 Regionals
22-25 October OSB Gathering in San Diego
Visit: www.OverseasBrats.com
18 October Class of '75 Zoom Reunion Hosted by Karen Martin & Lisa (Gore) Randle: RSVP List
26 September Berlin Brats regional in Wichita, KS
Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19
Rescheduled for 17 April 2021
24 September Grand Opening AOSHS Museum Wichita, KS
Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19.
Rescheduled for 15 April 2021
20 June Class of '80 Zoom 40th Reunion hosted by Kendra (Payne) Morgan: Photos
25 April Class of '85 Zoom 35th Reunion hosted by Jenni (Hewitt) Shaw & techie Dave Whitney: Photos
15 February Plano, TX hosted by Warren Knarr '77!
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2020 ~ 13th Reunion ~ Seattle, WA
4-7 June 2020 - POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19



2019 Regionals
21 September Columbus, Ohio Museum/ Luncheon
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15-18 August OSB's hosted "Homecoming" a Reunion for All Schools -  New Orleans
12 May Mayor of Berlin VIP Invites to:
70th Anniversary Berlin Airlift ceremonies RSVP Photos
11 May Berlin, Germany
Flyer and RSVP  Photos
13 April Daytona Beach, FL
Flyer and Attendee list Photos
21 March Berlin & Bitburg Dinner
Glendale, AZ
Flyer and Attendee list Photos
12 January 2019 Phoenix "All Brats" regional
Info  Attendee list Photos


2018 Regionals
10 November Charlotte/Monroe, NC
Click here for Attendee list  Info   Photos
12-14 October Class of '67 reunion Photo
23-26 August Overseas Brat Gathering in Fort Worth, TX
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27 January DFW regional Hosted by OSB/German Deli
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2017 ~ 12th Reunion ~ New Orleans

8-11 June, 2017

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Photos by Peter Stein (official phtographer)
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Flavor of New Orleans; Bourbon Street Music video in Mp4 format. Click Here!


2017 Regionals
8 October San Antonio regional Hosted by: BBAA
Location: The Biergarten RSVPs and info Photos
8 April Florida regional,Rockledge, FL RSVPs and info  Photos
28 January DFW regional  Hosted by: OSB/German Deli Info & Registration Photos

2016 Regionals
11-13 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX  Photos
16 October Newport News Regional RSVPs, Info  Photos
3-5 September Washington DC area regional 2016 Info  Photos
4-7 August Colorado Springs, CO OSB Homecoming All Schools Reunion Photos 
4 August Colorado Springs, CO    RSVPs & Info Photos 
23-26 June Atlanta, GA area All-Dodds Reunion Photos 
3 April Houston, TX RSVPs & Photos 
23 January Grapevine, TX Info, RSVPs & Photos 

2015 Regionals
6-8 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX Photo
30 October - 1 November Early 60s Gathering San Francisco, CA Photo 
1-4 October OSB Gathering in Portland, OR
26 September 6th Annual Oktoberfest Charlotte, NC Info, RSVPs & Photos 
16 August Blu1681 Woodbridge, VA Info & RSVPs
4 April Bavarian Grill Brat Dinner - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX RSVPs & Photos

2014 ~ 11th Reunion ~ BERLIN JUBILEE
8-11 November, 2014

+4 day trip to Poland
25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall

Click here for Class photos.

The Balloon Release marks the 25th anniversary of the historic moment that the Wall fell. (Warren Knarr '77 FB vid from that night)

10 Nov 14 James D. Melville, Jr. Speech
Deputy Chief of Mission
Embassy of the United Stated of America

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2014 Regionals
8-9 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX    Photos 
1 November Scottsdale, AZ    Flyer   RSVPs & Photos 
22-24 August 1960 Little League - Williamsport, PA    Info
10 August Colorado Springs, CO    Flyer    RSVPs & Photos 
29 March Bavarian Grill Brat Dinner - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX    RSVPs & Photos 

2013 Regionals
9 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX
19 Oktober Oktoberfest - Washington D.C.   Info, RSVPs & Photos 
27-28 September Oktoberfest - Helen, GA    Info, RSVPs & Photos 
24 August Charlotte, NC   Photo 
3 August Scottsdale, AZ    Info, RSVPs & Photos 
15 June Washington D.C.   Info, RSVPs & Photos 

2012 Regionals
17 November Tampa, FL    Info   RSVPs & Photos 
9-11 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX    Info, RSVPs & Photos 
6 October Oktoberfest Charlotte, NC   Info, RSVPs & Photos 
22 April Bricktown, OK   Photos 

2012 ~ 10th Reunion ~ Washington D.C. area
5-8 July 2012 Washington D.C. area



Official Photos

2011 Regionals
11-13 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX
20-23 October 25th Anniversary - Overseas Brats - All Schools - All Years   Photos 
1 October Oktoberfest Charlotte, NC   RSVPs & Photos
5 August Vero Beach, FL   RSVPs & Photos
18-22 July Las Vegas, NV   Facebook

2010 Regionals
4 December Glendale/Phoenix, AZ    RSVPs & Photos    Flyer
29-30 October Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX
2 October Oktoberfest Charlotte, NC   RSVPs    Flyer   Photos 
22-26 July Cruise Class of '80 - 30th Reunion All Classes Welcome  RSVPs
19-22 July Cruise for '89 '90 '91 & '92 "THE BEST IS YET TO COME"  RSVPs
15 May Melbourne Beach, FL   RSVPs    Flyer
27 March Nashville, TN   RSVPs

2009 Regionals
7 November Washington D.C.    RSVPs    Flyer    Photos 
30 October - 1 November Wurstfest New Braunfels, TX    Info
15 October Plano, TX    RSVPs    Flyer    Photos 
19 September Colorado Springs, CO    RSVPs & Photos     Flyer
31 May Washington D.C.   RSVPs    Photos 
8-10 May New Orleans, LA    RSVPs    Shirts
??? Tell us if you are planning a gathering!

2009 ~ 9th Reunion ~ Scottsdale, AZ
9-12 July 2009 - Scottsdale, AZ

Click here for Class photos.

PHOTOS Be sure and click on all 5 sections!

RSVPs Hotel
Registration Packet. Silent Auction.
Scholarship Information. Scholarship Application.
Reunion Committee
Registration & Welcome
      Joyce (Clark) Mallon '72 & a host of volunteers
Golf Outing
  Billy Jordan '76
Silent Auction/Raffle
  Kim (McLean) Hunt '77
Raffle Sales
  Kim (McLean) Hunt '77, Doris (Sandoval) Dettmer '76, Jolene (Shriver) Heller '76 & Penny McLean '88
Gift Tables
  Billy Jordan '76 & Kim (Graves) Bee '77
  Richard Carmer from Phoenix Picture
Graphic Brat
  Susie (Sams) O'Neill '85
The PX
  Joyce (Mallon) Clark '72 and a host of volunteers
  Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72
'50-'60's Hospitality Suite
  Jim Branson '64 & Brenda
'70's Hospitality Suite
  Jim Wright '72
'80-'90's Hospitality Suite
  Yoshika (Loftin) Lowe '83 & Ivan & Pleshetta Loftin '86
  Sunny Sound South (Overseas Brats husband & wife team)
Scholarship Committee
  Jim Branson '64, Billy Jordan '76 & Jenni (Hewitt) Shaw '85
  Larry Speer '83

2008 Regionals
29 October - 2 November OSB Gathering in Herndon, VA
10-12 October Austin, TX    Flyer    Photos 
25-27 July BERLIN Jump Off! in Atlanta, GA    Photos 

2007 Regionals
17 November Washington D.C.    Photos 
2-4 November San Antonio, TX    Photos 
6-7 October Class of '67s 40th in Washington D.C.    Photos 
8-10 June Class of '87s 20th in Las Vegas, NV    RSVPs    Info
Sign into Kodak Gallery to see the following:    Photos1    Photos2  
8-10 June Phoenix, AZ

2006 ~ 8th Reunion ~ BERLIN, Germany
Asheville 27-30 July 2006 - BERLIN!
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Brats at the Gate & Official Photos - Bryan Duckett '84 Order Form
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Class Photos 

Other Photos 


See photos  from:
Marianna (Lieurance) Mounsey '50    Meg Noland '68

Sign into Kodak Gallery to see photos  from:
Jenni (Hewitt) Shaw '85    Cate Speer '85    Jocelyne von Arx '85    John Hubbard '86 1
John Hubbard '86 2    Rob Ahrens '87    Chris Erickson '87    Jasper Kump '87 1    Jasper Kump '87 2    Jasper Kump '87 3    Jasper Kump '87 4    Jasper Kump '87 5    Jasper Kump '87 6

Sign into Snapfish to see photos  from:
George Gilmore '67    Sally Jones '69    Laura (Colangelo) Morris '79

See a movie by:
Michelle Fuse '80 21MB

Jasper Kump '87 graced us with an impromptu singing of our National Anthem before the 2nd Panel Discussion at the Outpost. Click here for a sound clip.

2006 Regionals
8 October Washington, D.C./Alexandria, VA    Flyer    Photos     RSVPs
15-17 September Dallas Area, TX
16 June Atlanta Film Festival in Atlanta, GA    Info    Photos 

2004 Regionals
14-17 October OSB Gathering in Daytona Beach, FL
9 October San Antonio, TX    Flyer    Photos 
22-25 July OSB Homecoming in Atlanta, GA
30 May Washington, D.C./Rosslyn, VA    Flyer    Photos     RSVPs

2003 Regionals
7-8 December Fredericksburg, TX    Photos 
30 October - 2 November OSB Gathering in Asheville, NC
31 July - 3 August Seattle Area    Flyer    Photos 
27-29 July San Antonio, TX    Photos 
27 January Houston, TX    Photos 

2003 ~ 7th Reunion ~ Asheville, NC
22-26 May 2003
Ballots were sent out in December 2001 to our members. Given the choice of Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ or Asheville, NC... Asheville wins!
This was our largest Reunion to date with 358 brats!
For the first time we had 3 hospitality suites. (One each for the '60s, '70s and '80s).
We bussed off site, for a day long picnic at Chimney Rock Park and invited the Karlsruhe Knights who were also in town for a Reunion.
We took our first "Panoramic Photo in addtion to Class Pictures James Miller '83 also took some photos.   Flyer   RSVPs

YouTube videos: 1 of 6   2 of 6   3 of 6   4 of 6   5 of 6   6 of 6   Thank you James '83!

A 4th day was added for those that wanted to participate in a day of white-water rafting.

Asheville Citizen-Times article.
"International Community" article.

2002 Regionals
7 December Flower Mound , TX    Photos 
27-31 November Las Vegas, NV  Photos 
June Flashback Tour in BERLIN   Flashback Tour
This is an automatic slideshow, please be patient.
May Memorial Weekend in Melbourne, FL   Photos 
16 February OSB Gathering in Southern California   Photos 
15 February OSB Gathering in Phoenix, AZ

2001 Regionals
20 October Oktoberfest at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA
October OSB Gathering in Colorado Spring, CO
2 September South Mountain Regional in Phoenix, AZ

2001 ~ 6th Reunion ~ Wichita, KS

Wichita 19-22 July 2001
By this time the BERLIN Brats had learned about Overseas Brats and The American Overseas School Historical Society. In support of AOSHS we decided to hold a Reunion-within-a-Reunion and attend OSB's "Homecoming 2001." OSB was structuring a Reunion around AOSHS's site dedication in Wichita, KS. Here we competed against other schools in several categories.

bahs0027 BERLIN Won:
The largest attendance by a school - we had 95 attendees.
The most school spirit - we were decked out in maroon & white.
Best school exhibit - we built THE WALL.

Info    RSVPs    Photos  Group Photo  James Miller '83 Photos 

2000 Regionals
October OSB Gathering in Wichita, KS
October Poolside Wursts in Anthem, AZ
April Riverside luncheon in Woodbridge, VA

1999 ~ 5th Reunion ~ Breckenridge, CO
5-8 August 1999
By 1997, Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72 assumed the position of Director of the BERLIN Brats. She was assisted by Renee (Shipley) Knowles '71 for a year followed by Pat (Martel) Little '72. In 1996 Laura introduced us to "Grand Unions" where all overseas schools/all years came together for one reunion. One had been held in 1993 and was extremely successful; garnering national press coverage. Another Grand Reunion was going to be held in 1999, so we had a decision to make. Were we going to participate in the Grand Reunion or host our own reunion in 1999? So, in 1997 a ballot was mailed out to existing members. We voted overwhelming to hold our own. REUNION '99 in Breckenridge, CO which was the largest REUNION to date with 246 brats!  Photos   RSVPs  UpVideo 

1998 Regionals
October OSB Gathering in Kissimmee, FL
3-5 April Spring Fling in Melbourne, FL   Photos    Flyer   YouTube


1997 Regionals
October OSB Gathering in Covington, KY
July Mexican Fiesta Dinner in San Antonio, TX
March Snowmobiling weekend in Breckenridge, CO
March Brat Fry in Phoenix, AZ

1996 ~ 4th Reunion ~ Dallas, TX
14-16 June 1996
At the impromptu breakfast meeting in 1991 Laura (Coats) Satterfield '71 volunteered to organize the next Reunion. Laura thought we were ready to advance to the next stage of an official Alumni Association. Sometime between 1991 and 1993 Laura linked up with Joe Condrill, President of Overseas Brats. Joe was instrumental in helping us grow. Laura started our newsletters, implemented dues and built an official Alumni Association Database. We were on our way! The association database grew from about 80 names to over 700.

Our 4th Reunion was held in the summer of 1996 in Dallas, TX. Approximately 23 Brats were in attendance with 5 spouses. At the departure breakfast/meeting those in attendance decided that Reunions every 5 years wasn't enough. We wanted more! Reunions every 3 years was the cry! As discussions continued it became apparent that we needed more volunteers to help with our association. Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72 volunteered to organize the next reunion and Laura continued running the association. Photo 

Click here for Memory Book

Click here for RSVP List


1993 Regionals
August Grand Reunion in Grapevine, TX    Photo 

1991 ~ 3rd Reunion ~ Helen, GA
At this time the organizers of the 1st and 2nd Reunions did not know of each others' existence and more importantly of their list of names! To further complicate the matter the lists that were compiled for each of these events were out of date. (Hey, we were still in our infancy!) In the summer of 1991 Ray Holmes '69, who had attended the 1986 Reunion, sponsored a Reunion in the Alpine Village of Helen, GA. An estimated 33 Brats were in attendance. At this Reunion, several of the attendees met at a roadside restaurant for breakfast as they were driving back to the Atlanta area for their trips home.
It was decided then and there that we should have Reunions every 5 years! Photo 

1987 ~ 2nd Reunion ~ Greenbelt, MD
8 August 1987
Back in 1986 with the class of '77s 10-year reunion rapidly approaching I decided to contact my fellow '77 classmates. Within a few months I found myself writing to the Stars and Strips and the Army and Navy Times. With a few of my friends working for the FBI, CIA, and DEA, I had them posting flyers to get the word out too. Needless to say, this was before the internet! The response was overwhelming. Over 200 BERLIN Brats spanning two generations attended. The theme of the reunion was set-up like an old fashioned prom. Each person was greeted by a professional photographer, followed by cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Ice sculptures and candelabras were placed upon on each table setting the tone for the reunion to begin. The reunion committee members were seated on stage and the reunion began with Billy Short '78 taking us back in time as a new student taking his/her first steps into the halls of BERLIN American High. First entering the main foyer, then making a right to the school office to register and then proceeding down the first floor hallways to our lockers... From where I was sitting on stage, and with the amount of smiles and tears coming from Billy's great speech, that evening showed me that the spirit of BAHS will continue on for many years to come!
- Kim (McLean) Hunt '77  Photos   Class of '79   RSVPs  Video1   Video2   Video3 

1986 ~ 1st Reunion ~ Virginia Beach, VA
19 July 1986
Three BERLIN Cheerleaders, Sandi (Hoosack) Trader '70, Cindy (Lee) Brewer '68 and Debbie (Hoosack) Jones '72, came up with the crazy idea that BERLIN American High School could have a Reunion just like their stateside friends. So the 1986 Reunion took off. From a hand written list of names and addresses an astounding number of 198 BERLIN Brats attended that summer in Virginia Beach, VA.
Reunion Book