Berlin Brats
"We spent our entire childhoods in the service of our country, and no one even knew we were there." - Pat Conroy



15-18 August 2019

OSB's hosted "Homecoming" a Reunion for All Schools in New Orleans


12 May 2019

70th Anniversary ceremony of the Berlin Airlift @ Tempelhof 

Berlin, Germany

13 July 2018

12 June 2018

The Vote is in for the 2020 Reunion location.
With 76% of our Membership voting.....we're headed to Seattle!  Summer of 2020. 
Dates will be announced next month.

Stay tuned. 

15 February 2018

from the "National Museum of the U.S. Army" currently being constructed in the D.C. area.
(Ft. Belvoir, VA).
THEY WANT YOUR "Growing up Army" story for the museum.
A special request has been made to us!

They want photos, videos and Brats to take their survey here: 


Video Instructions: 

Your submission caught our attention, and we would like to give you the opportunity to contribute to our Growing Up Army experience in another unique way. We are creating a documentary film for Growing Up Army that will include video interviews with real Army families.

We would really like to feature your story in the Museum, so please send us your Growing Up Army video as soon as you can.

Follow the instructions at the link above to create and 
upload your video.

Thank you, 
The National Museum 
of the United States Army


5-11 August, 2018 BUSMA Reunion in Berlin

This is our parent's organization. A Memorial Service and a Celebration 
 with former members of the 298th U.S. Army Band in attendance 
 giving a concert is planned. Visit: www.berlinveterans.com

2018 - 70th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift
(June '48 to Sept '49) stay tuned for city celebration details. 


27 January, 2018 Our first regional of the year. DFW area.

28 December, 2017 Art Benson - FAC '72-'92 (Social Studies) celebrates his 84th birthday.



Berlin tragedy at the Christkindl Markt 12/19/16


December 22, 2016 

Gary Planz '74 (who continues to live in Berlin) will be revisiting the make-shift flower Memorial in Berlin tomorrow on behalf of the Berlin Brats.                            He will place a flower arrangement for us that will include a mini-U.S. Flag and ribbon. He will also sign the Church-Memorial Book on behalf of: "Berlin Brats - Berlin American High School." Pictures will follow

We certainly extend our heartfelt thanks to Gary and his wife Eveline.


December 23, 2016 

As promised, here is the placement of our Roses, Flag, Ribbon and condolence that Gary Planz '74 did on our behalf. Notice the new cement barricades that were put in place so that the market could reopen. 
Gary reports people are returning to the market.....but they are not playing any festive music - out of respect.

Click the picture for a larger view!

Betty Snyder FAC '85-'94 has passed away.

3 December 2015
Click here to see Ms. Snyder's Faculty page.
Click here to see Ms. Snyder's obituary.

James Sells '86's ring lost & found

7 October 2015
Found inside lake "Schweinfurter Baggersee" by Stefan Okapal. Click here for more of the story.

Michael Fay FAC '55-'58 has passed away

7 October 2015
Click here to see Mr. Fay's page.

Herr Voigt FAC '66-'85 has passed away

10 June 2015
Click here to see Herr Voigt's page.

Tim Felker '83 Art

Click here
to view Tim's work.
15 March 2015

My painting titled “Never Enough" has been accepted into the Art League Gallery for the March Show. It will be on display until April 6th, 2015. (30” X 40"; oil; $1,200).


Cold War Memories: A Retrospective on Living in BERLIN
A City Divided-- Memoirs of U.S. Dependents in Berlin

19 February 2015   
"These are our stories... the stories of six 'generations' of Berlin Brats over a span of almost fifty years. This book is written, as are most histories, in an effort to hold onto a piece of history long past. And, it is a warning lest we forget how precious freedom is-- freedom is not free. Additionally, we are aware that few people realize that Americans lived in West Berlin, and that fewer still realize that the whole city was over 100 miles inside of Soviet occupied territory. Thus, we lived in an enclave of Capitalism surrounded by Communist East Germany." [excerpted from the Introduction to Cold War Memories]

Trisha and I spent four years collecting stories via mail, email, websites and social media. We interviewed former students and teachers at reunions and brat gatherings. At times it was like pulling teeth, but we finally collected enough stories to go forward with publishing the book in time for our goal deadline-- the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall celebration in Berlin! Our alumni assocation- the Berlin Brats Alumni Association, had planned their reunion to coincide with the Fall of the Wall celebration in early November 2014. Our book was published on October 20th, just in time to order a batch to bring to the reunion in Berlin. It was the perfect place to launch our book-- against the backdrop of our beloved city, formerly captive, now free.

Available at: createspace.com. One dollar of every book purchased through createspace.com will be donated to the BERLIN Brats Scholarship Fund. Please be aware that createspace.com requires more pages to fill out to place your order. Also available at www.amazon.com.

B*R*A*T*S - Don't even think about changing the name

30 December 2014   
     Click here for a copy of The Washington Post's Style article.


20 September 2014   
Tom (Strong) von Strong '89 edited some long lost footage into a movie. Enjoy!

View at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRzHhkpaY0c

2014 BERLIN Little League Gathering in Williamsport, PA

22-24 August 2014
What do you say to a friend you haven't seen in 54 years? How about you walk up shake hands, and then you grin and hug each other. Some look much like they did in 1960. Some, you walk by and don't recognize.
Seven team members from the Berlin 1960 Little League (Pat Williams, John Reale, Ed Cole, Ray Williams, Bruce Jager, Mike Glaser and Charles Spannare, wives, girlfriends and grandkids) showed up on Friday, August 22, at the Genetti Hotel in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. more...

Berlin Brigade Commander during the 1989 Fall of the Wall has passed
23 August 2013
Berlin Brigade Commander during the 1989 Fall of the Wall has passed. LTG Caryl Glenn Marsh had two tours in Berlin (1979-1981 & 1987-1989) and had three Brats at our school. Jeff '82, Regina '83 & John '90. Memorials may be given in the name of LTG Caryl Glenn Marsh to the Wounded Warrior Project. He was a proud supporter and the family would like to continue to donate in his honor.


Barbara Payne FAC '77-'82 has passed away

3 July 2013
Click here to see Mrs. Payne's page.

Brats marrying Brats
13 April 2013
Dawn (Abel) Krenning '87 & Robert Hayes '85 were homecoming dates in 1983 and got married in 2013. Click here for more photos.

Congratulations Dawn & Robert!

BERLIN Brats in Reunions Magazine
29 May 2013
The BERLIN Brats were featured in the May/Jun/Jul 2013 Reunions Magazine.
     Click here for a copy of the cover and article.
     Click here for a copy of the Feb/Mar 2007 article we were in.

BERLIN Brats Class of '85

9 March 2013
Click here for a special look at the Class of '85.

BERLIN Brat is West Point Commandant

18 January 2013
Richard Clarke '80 assumed command of the Corps of Cadets at West Point.
6 November 2012
Richard Clarke '80 was promoted to Brigadier General. We salute you Richard!

† Elizabeth Wood '85 †

17 January 2013
Our Liz died peacefully after a brief, fierce battle with cancer. Click here for Liz's page.

Rest In Peace, Sir!

28 December 2012
Although Norman Schwarzkopf wasn't a BERLIN Brat, he was a BRAT!  With the multi-school Annuals/Yearbooks we are honored to have him on our website.

Oh, and one of his nicknames was...


† 22 August 1934 - 27 December 2012 †

10th Grade in Frankfurt '49

Click here
to view the
yearbook page.

11th Grade in Heidelberg '50

Click here
to view the
yearbook page.

General Schwarzkopf in 1988

BERLIN Brats meeting up in Afghanistan

12 November 2012
Two more Berlin Brats meeting up in Afghanistan! MAJ Chris Erickson '87 USAF and SFC John Warren '87 US Army. John Warren just finished a year in Kabul and is now on his way back to Houston. Small world.
Click photo for higher resolution.

BERLIN Brats meeting up in Afghanistan

12 November 2012
Two Berlin Brats meeting up in Afghanistan! LtCol Michelle Estes '90 USAF and LTC Frank Davis '87 US Army, had the opportunity to sit down last night for dinner at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. What a great time talking and sharing memories of BAHS and our lives as military brats and military officers. The bond we share, although we were not there at the same time is remarkable and strong! I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet Michelle and look forward to the next Reunion and sharing this story and many others I have had with a number of Berlin Brats whom I have crossed paths with over the past 28 years since my family left Berlin.
- with Frank Davis '87 & Michelle Estes '90 in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Click photo for higher resoultion.

Engbretson '81 Underwater Photography

12 November 2012
Eric Engbretson '81 here. I just wanted to let you know about my new FISH OF THE NORTHERN LAKES 2013 calendar-The only calendar on the market that features 12 months of underwater photos of fish in their natural habitat. It’s pretty cool and I’m really excited about it. I thought it would interest you too. It’s only $14.99 and is available on-line on my site http://underwaterfishphotos.com/calendar.shtml or you can get it on Amazon.com. It makes a great holiday gift if you have someone you need to shop for this season, or if you just need a new calendar for 2013.
Hope you can check it out.
Eric Engbretson '81
Engbretson Underwater Photography

Our BERLIN Wall Proclamation
Our Wall

2 November 2012

The BERLIN Brats' section of the BERLIN Wall.

Did you go clubbing in BERLIN?

15 October 2012

Once more, the Allied Museum in Berlin is looking for you to share your memories. For our upcoming special exhibition which currently runs under the working title "From G.I. Jive to G.I. Disco" the Allied Museum is teaming up with Berlin based DJ duo G.I. Disco.

"From G.I. Jive to G.I. Disco" is supposed to show how a vibrant club and music scene was established in US garrisons in Germany. GI clubs had a major influence upon German music and youth culture and acted as a link with home for US soldiers at the same time. They were a place in which enemies became friends. We are looking for witnesses who went to GI Clubs like Starlight Grove (McNair), Silverwings (Tempelhof AFB) or places like La Belle, Talk of the Town and Chic. We are also looking for any club- and music-related items. Click here for more details.

Kind regards,
Florian Pauls

MORE! BERLIN Treasures on YouTube

16 September 2012
8 mm Football tapes from Coach George Pepoy FAC '69-'94
Again, a very special thanks to James Miller '83 for his digital genius!

Football Videos from 1969, 70, 73, 75 & 78.

Please e-mail us at if you can add any information.

Did you see or meet JFK in BERLIN?

28 August 2012
Calling all brats. I am working on a display and TV documentary on the 50th anniversary of the visit of President John F. Kennedy to Germany, in June of 1963. We are looking for individuals that took photos, slides, 8mm film, etc. of the visit to Berlin, Hanau, Wiesbaden or Frankfurt. Naturally of special interest would be to find someone from the Berlin High School, who was there, who can recall an interesting story or provide some kind of material. I think it would be really neat to find a "Brat" that we can include in a display or TV documentary. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Dr. John Provan '74 K-town

BERLIN VHS Treasures on YouTube

10 August 2012
A very special thanks to James Miller '83 for his digital genius!

1970 Powderpuff Football    
    1993-94 Video Yearbook
1972 Homecoming Court    
1972 Homecoming Game   1994 Teacher's Farewell
1983 Graduation   1999 BAHS Video Retrospective
1999 Breckenridge, CO Reunion    
1998 Melbourne, FL Reunion    

John Freeman '71 & BERLIN

10 August 2012
Check out John Freeman '71's article in Gainesville magazine.


Click here to see John's previous trips to BERLIN.

Fair Play - The Allies and Sports

24 July 2012
The opening of The Allied Museum's (formally the Outpost) new special exhibition Fair Play.
The Allies and Sports on July 24, 2012 in Berlin.


Paul Markey '77 is narrating

12 June 2012
Paul Markey '77 is narrating. DETAILS: Military Channel's all-new series NARROW ESCAPES OF WWII honors the incredible heroes of World War II who stood up and fought when everything else seemed lost. The series highlights the brilliant generals and brave troops whose selfless acts of courage saved hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Through their personal stories, this series recreates the suicidal raids, rearguard actions, and back-to-the-wall fighting it took to ensure, against all odds, that these men made it out alive. NARROW ESCAPES OF WWII made its U.S. premiere Tuesday, May 15 at 10 PM E/P on the Military Channel.

1986 BERLIN Brat Reunion Booklet Posted

19 January 2012
Click here to see the booklet for the first BERLIN Brat reunion back in 1986.

Brats marrying Brats
22 December 2011
Thomas Strong '89 proposed to Jocelyne (von Arx) Costello '85 and she accepted.
Their wedding took place on 22 December 2011 in Vacaville, CA.

Congratulations Jocelyne & Thomas! Up

Mr. Leonard FAC '70-'87 has passed away
4 November 2011
Click here for the latest news on Mr. Leonard.
Tim & Mr. Leonard

BERLIN Brat promoted to Major General

12 August 2011
Rick Martin '77 was promoted to Major General. We salute you Rick!

Call for witnesses

11 October 2011
The Allied Museum in Berlin documents the history of the three Western powers in Germany and Berlin as well as their impact on the turn to freedom and democracy in post-war Germany.

We are working on our upcoming special exhibition “Fair Play. The History of Allied Sports in Berlin” opening in summer 2012. The exhibition will deal with sports as an important aspect in the Allied history in Berlin as a means of recreation, physical fitness and keeping in touch with the other Western powers. Beyond the history of Allied sports, the exhibition will also document the central role of sports as a link to the people of Berlin and will show the several traces the Allies left in the sporting landscape of Berlin. We are looking for objects, pictures and memories of Allied Sports in Berlin from 1945 to 1994 to show in the exhibition.

Kind regards,
Corinna Schmidt     Abstract     Calling

April is BRAT month

18 April 2011
April - Month of the Military Child - Brats Serve Too
Air Force Association Month of the Military Child
Army One Source The White House Blog
American Forces Press Service U.S. Army MWR
BRATCON Press Service United States Department of Defense


27 March 2011
BRATCON Radio launched its live weekly talk show on Veterans Day 2010 on the Variety Channel of The VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio Network. BRATCON's mission statement: "To deliver honor, recognition and examination for the sons and daughters of our current and former military service members and other government agency personnel who served at DOD/Military State Department postings, here in the USA and around the world."

Don't be shy. Call in. 866-472-5788 or 480-553-5738 Listen Live Thursdays 7pm ET/4pm PT

Future & Past Shows:  
Visit BRATCON Radio for a full list of future and past shows.
BERLIN Brats on the show :  
2 Jun 11 Dan Bunting '49 - Berlin Airlift Listen
  Co-host: Jim Branson '64  
5 May 11 Jim Branson '64 - AFN Disc Jockey Listen
10 Feb 11 Stephen Mansfield '76 Listen
9 Dec 10 Art Swanson '90 Listen    Article
  Christine King Stroupe '94  
2 Dec 10 Laurel (Coleman) Steinhice '52 Listen    Watch
  Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72  
  Cate Speer '85  

AFN, BERLIN Brats & the AYA

1 March 2011
Two teenagers, Bob Tinari '65 and Sandy McQuarrie '65, broadcast a teenage program from the AFN (American Forces Network) Studio in West Berlin, Germany. Sgt. George Hudak plays a record and operates control panels. Group of young teenagers perform the Twist and Mashed potato dances at the Berlin American Youth Activities (AYA) teen club. - CriticalPast.com

Jim Branson '64 identified the following dancing brats: Ed Wong St. John '63, Jan Burks '64, Terry Hill '64, Dave Preito '64, Fred Simpson '64, Lorraine Ferris '65, Gail Lavery '65, Sue Taylor '65. Thanks Jim!

Click here for the video clip.
E-mail us at if you find other BERLIN Brat clips.

Gary Carpenter '72 finds the BERLIN Wall in California

21 February 2011
Gary Carpenter '72 visited the BERLIN Wall in San Bernardino, California. Click a photo for higher resolution.
Click here for an article from Inland Newspapers.

BRATS: Our Journey Home

9 December 2010
BRATS: Our Journey Home will make its North American Television Premiere on Discovery's The Military Channel this Friday, December 10th, 2010, at 9:00 p.m. EST, as part of the G.I. Film Festival series, with an encore presentation at midnight. Gather your friends and family together and laugh, cry, and contemplate the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful of "growing up brat."

Moved 9 times in 12 years and never quite felt like you belonged? Want your parents, spouse, or kids to understand you better? Just want to re-live the joy, the pain, and everything in between of growing up military? Join Kris Kristofferson as he narratesBRATS: Our Journey Home on the Military Channel this Friday.

And if you have the time, drop Discovery and the Military Channel a note to say "thanks" for airing the film and acknowledging military brats, young and old!

Two BERLIN Brat Brothers travel
10 April 2010

Two BERLIN Brat brothers, Tod Purvis '89 and Justin Purvis '94, "who suffer from Choroideremia a degenerative eye disease, ... are going to circumnavigate the contiguous United States, seeing the great sights that make America beautiful. They will be documenting the entire trip on film in the hopes of raising awareness of Choroideremia and other degenerative eye diseases."

Click here for their story.

Mark Adickes '79 to host Athlete 360
25 March 2010

Mark Adickes '79 is BERLIN Brat, an NFL player, a Harvard Medical School graduate, an Orthopedic Surgeon and will now host Athlete 360 on Fox Sports Net. Go Mark!

Polly (Croom) DeYoung FAC '68-'71
11 March 2009
Click here for the latest news on Ms. DeYoung.

Alice in Wonderland and her trip to BERLIN

3 March 2010

Shawna Yang Ryan, writer, teacher and daughter of Michael Ryan '69 blogs on Stone, Ink, Brush and Paper. She has a copy of Alice in Wonderland checked out from the Library back in 1968. Click on the photo to see more.

"I love my copy of Alice in Wonderland. Not only does it have awesome illustrations, but it gives me this funny, poignant glimpse of my parents long ago. The copy, published in 1966, was apparently lifted (or unreturned in another international move) from Berlin American High School, which my dad attended in 1968. (In fact, flipping through just now, I found an old u-bahn ticket wedged between the pages.) And then noted on the pages are tiny Chinese characters from when my mom was apparently using the book to study English, probably about 5 years later. I get a twinge in my heart thinking of my mom at a time when she did not know the words "roof," "lamps," "curious," "directions." And I get curiouser and curiouser about my parents' relationship, imagining my dad as this young guy who kept Alice in Wonderland among all the books he must have checked out of the high school library (of course, for a hippie in the late 60s, Alice in Wonderland probably wasn't all that unusual a choice) and my mother as this sweet young woman, newly immigrated, teaching herself English via a pretty strange choice."

Craig Walker '81 stars in "Bass Reeves" movie

16 January 2010

Movie release in Feb 2010.

Click here to watch the full length trailer.

Craig Walker '81 is Craig Rainey.

Rich Beem '88 had a book written about his PGA win

16 January 2010
"Bud, Sweat, & Tees: Rich Beem's Walk on the Wild Side of the PGA Tour" by Alan Shipnuck
Warning: Strippers, groupies, gambling, drinking: Someone forgot to tell Alan Shipnuck that books about golf are supposed to be boring. - Rick Reilly, Sports Illustrated

Available at: www.amazon.com
Click here to go to Rich's BERLIN Brat page.

TAR Sign is Art

11 November 2009
Click here to to see the TAR sign transformed into art in Potsdam by artist Daniela Brahm.

20th Anniversary of the BERLIN Wall

Our Wall8 November 2009
Click here to watch the GMA segment on our piece of the BERLIN wall. Watch for our very own Deborah (Brians) Clark '74.

The BERLIN Brats own a section of the BERLIN Wall.

Click here for an article on Glenn Harrison FAC '71-'72 and the wall.

John Freeman '71 in The Gainsville Sun.

The Berlin Brats' piece of the wall on KSN3 News.
Museum of World Treasures Press Release.

Operation Military Brat

20 September 2009
Brats Without Borders will launch Operation Military Brat on September 23, 2009 at the West End Neighborhood Library in Washington DC.

Click here for more information.

2009 Scholarship Awards

7 September 2009
A highlight of this year’s Reunion Banquet in Scottsdale, AZ was the presentation of the BERLIN Brats Reunion Scholarship Awards. These awards were the first of their kind for the BERLIN Brats Alumni Association and were deemed by those in attendance to be a raging success. The intent of the awards was to further the success of the BERLIN lineage.

Click here for more information.

Joe Morasco '75 featured in FIVE magazine

10 June 2009
Check it out! Joe Morasco '75 has been featured in FIVE magazine (kind of like ESPN magazine). Markus Kaiser, a german sports writer, was writing a column about how Basketball connects various people.
"I played in the 70's in BB gym and then went on to WVU - Joe Herber, member of the German National team attended WVU in 03-07 and then plays in a German league that has some games in BB Gym, while here at WVU, he came into my office area a couple of times doing research -hence the connection. Neat!"   -Joe

Joe in FIVE     Click here to view FIVE magazine.

Brat Stop by Bryan Duckett '84 now Open!

1 February 2009
Click here to purchase merchandise of Bryan's amazing BERLIN Brat artwork.

Mr. Huffer FAC '69-'87 has passed away
31 Dec 2008
Click here for the latest news on Mr. Huffer.
Mr. Huffer

BERLIN Brat promoted to Major General

2 September 2008
Mike Ferriter '75 was promoted to Major General. We salute you Mike!

Cold Case File #101369 circa 1969

27 July 2008
Still missing: Our first BAHS flag, made of maroon wool with appliquéd design and lettering, surrounded by gold fringe.

We've pulled a box off the shelf and removed the lid to find very little evidence. It's clear we're going to need everyone's help on this one.

We held our flag high at Tempelhof airport during President Nixon's visit on February 27, 1969.

We held it high at Tempelhof again as the first men to walk on the moon visited on October 13, 1969.

Sometime after that, our original flag disappeared.

Since it was during football season, some thought an opposing team snatched it. Some didn't. Rumor has it that a few know its fate. Unlike the investigators in Cold Case, we don't much care anymore how it happened, we just want it back in our archives, ready to hold high again at the next BERLIN Brats event—or at least to know what became of it. Maybe you heard something. Maybe you saw something. Purge the guilt…help us with what you remember. Maybe it ended up on the wall of your room. Wouldn't it be a huge relief to anonymously mail it back to us? No more worrying it will be found among your possessions after your demise. Maybe you just heard a snippet of a rumor about it. Drop us a line and let us know. Help us fill in this gap in BAHS's history. Even if we don't know who you are, you'll have done a good thing and helped solve a 40-year-old mystery.
Read page 12 of the April 20036.7MB newsletter for more information.

Certificate Found

16 April 2008
Click here for a copy of the CSPA - Columbia Scholastic Press Association certificate for first place to our yearbook, The Erinnerungen, from the 27th Annual Yearbook Critique and Contest conducted by Columbia University in New York City on 13 October 1961.

Mr. Stowell FAC '76-'83 has passed away

5 February 2008
Click here for the latest news on Mr. Stowell.

Dan Bunting '49 publishes again
1 February 2008
Dan Bunting '49 has just published a new book called "The Young Ambassadors". It includes his time in BERLIN during the BERLIN Airlift when he helped unload planes "after school".

Ms. Rekucki FAC '65-'84 has passed away
23 November 2007
Click here for the latest news on Ms. Rekucki.

Brat sings at "Tear Down the Wall" Exhibit

22 November 2007
Jasper Kump '87 sang at the opening of the “Tear Down This Wall" - Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate exhibit at the Allied Museum which runs through to 31 December 2007.

Reagan visited BERLIN during the city's 750th birthday celebration and gave his famous "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall" speech at The Wall. In commemoration of that day and that speech, the Allied Museum has published a book entitled "Tear Down this Wall". The book includes a chapter written by Jasper who performed for the Reagans at that 750th celebration. As luck has it, it was also Graduation Day for the Class of '87 so they were all in attendance wearing their caps & gowns and addressed by Reagan that day and are sited in the book.

Jasper, in addition to writing a chapter on his experience that day, was invited back by the Allied Museum to perform for the dedication/opening of this Exhibit.

"Tear Down this Wall" Book
U.S. President Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate, June 12, 1987
320 pages: in German, English, and French
Contributions by international scholars and historical eyewitnesses
Many photos in color and b/w
Price: 19,90 €
Order book through: info@alliiertenmuseum.de

Click here for Reagan's speech at Tempelhof.
Click here for Reagan's speech at the Brandenburg Gate.
Click here for Katrin (Lindroth) Planz '71's account of the exhibit.
Click here for information on the exhibit.

Jasper Kump '87 CD Release Party in NYC

11 October 2007
Starfish + Coffee LIVE
The CD Release Party and Concert
Saturday 3 Nov 2007 at 7:00PM
Laurie Beechman Theater at the West Bank Cafe
407 West 42nd Street
42nd Street and 9th Avenue
$20 Includes cover, all food and drink and a copy of Starfish + Coffee LIVE!

Click here to visit Jasper's Bio page & visit Jasper's official site at www.jasperkump.com.

BERLIN Brat meets the Governator

30 August 2007
Jocelyne (vonArx) Costello '85 met with California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with her daughters Sierra & Hunter and son Cody at the California Capital Press Room in Sacramento, CA to promote Health Care Reform. She was even wearing her BERLIN Brat maroon polo shirt. Way to show your school spirit, Jocelyne!

Click here for a larger photo from the Daily Republic.

We need your help

We have 29 (well, 2 as of 16 May 2014) 1989 yearbooks that are engraved with alumni names. We assume these alumni have paid for their yearbooks but then transferred out of BERLIN prior to their yearbooks arriving. We need your help in locating the following people:

Clarence Alston (found) Christopher Eger (found) Meredith Knapp (found)
Robyn Armstrong (found) Doreen Evans (found) Kim Nix (found)
Nazri-J-Bahari (found) Jennifer Fullerton (found) Wendy Nix (found)
Stacey Batson (found) Rob Godwin Jenny Pecqueur (found)
Kelly Brady (found) Kimberly Gonzales Monica Radziminski (found)
Scott Brady (found) Sasha Goteh (found) Kristen Sennett (found)
Nicole Clayton (found) Daniel Hall (found) Chris Smith (found)
Carissa Comte (found) Greg Hall (found) Gregory Turk (found)
Carolyn Donelson (found) Dexter Hawthorne (found) Casey Wyatt (found)

If you have any information on these people, please e-mail us at or call 623.764.1105. Thank You!

Click here for old news.
3 December 2015
Click here to see Ms. Snyder's Faculty page.
Click here to see Ms. Snyder's obituary.