Berlin Brats
"We spent our entire childhoods in the service of our country, and no one even knew we were there." - Pat Conroy

Updated 15 July 2023


U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity
  are free. You can order as many copies as you like.
  website: www.dodea.edu/students/transcripts.cfm

All Brats

American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS)
  Dedicated to preserving the history of all American Overseas Schools.
  website: www.aoshs.org
  email: office@aoshs.org
BratCon Radio

To deliver honor, recognition and examination for the sons and daughters of our current and former military service members and other government agency personnel who served at DOD/Military State Department postings, here in the USA and around the world.

  website: www.bratcon.com
email: dcampbell@campbellra.com
Brats: Our Journey Home
  BRATS: OUR JOURNEY HOME is the first feature-length documentary, narrated by singer/songer Kris Kristofferson, about a hidden American subculture...
  website: www.bratsourjourneyhome.com
Brats Overseas Book Project
  website: www.bratsoverseas1.wix.com/bratsoverseas &
  email: bratsoverseas@yahoo.com
DoDEA - Department of Defense Education Activity
  Teaching the children of America's military families worldwide.
  website: www.dodea.edu
Military Brats Online
  A great resource for Military Brats everywhere.
  website: www.militarybrats.com
  email: Vann Baker
Military-Brats Registry
  58,928 Brats listed on this registry.
  website: www.military-brats.com
  email: Marc Curtis
Operation Footlocker
  A "mobile memory project" Operation Footlocker travels from one gathering of military Brats to another.
  website: www.operationfootlocker.com
Overseas Brats
  An organization and magazine for ALL those associated with American Overseas Schools.
  website: www.overseasbrats.com
  email: Joe Condrill
  phone: 817.510.6223
  WebBrat's favorite OSB article
TCK World (Third Culture Kids)
  website: www.tckworld.com
  email: Sam Britten
  phone: 915.672.8274
  A military brat and third culture kid community.
  website: www.wanderingisite.com


The Early 60's Chat Room
  A BERLIN early 60's chat room by invitation only.
  email: Jim Branson '64 for an invitation
  page: BERLIN Brats Alumni Association
  page: Berlin American High School (BAHS)
  page: Thomas A. Roberts Elementary School-Berlin, Germany 
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  Our website from Jan 1999 to Feb 2002
  website: www.geocities.com/Pentagon/3328/bahs.htm
  Our website from Jun 2002 to Feb 2004
  website: www.berlinbrats.org
  Our website from Apr 2004 to current



All about BERLIN. Click on the British flag on the top right for the English version.

  website: www.BERLIN.de
  Online map of BERLIN. This link goes directly to our school.
  website: www.BERLIN.de/stadtplan/map.asp
BERLIN Visit Berlin

All about BERLIN's Tourism Organisation.

  website: www.visitberlin.de/en
  Live shots of BERLIN.
  website: www.wetter.com
  website: www.wetteronline.de/dldlwebf.htm
Boy Scouts
Troop 46 "Freedom Outpost" - True to Scouting values for over 50 years
website: www.troopwebhost.org/Troop46Berlin/
Pack 152 - Formed during the Allied presence and has a rich history in BERLIN
Troop 895 merged with Troop 46
Girl Scouts
  Still meeting. No website. On FB as a closed group.
Presently 60 girls grades K to 10th. Meet regularly at the former US Army Chapel on Huettenweg. Info found under All Saints Catholic Church.
  website: www.all-saints-berlin.de 


American Community Chapel (by the AYA/DYA)
  Is now: The All Saints Catholic Community Church.
All Saints is an active Roman Catholic community of about 400 members. It grew out of a small number of parishioners (about 35) who were “left over” when the American military moved out of Berlin in September, 1994.
website: www.all-saints-berlin.de      
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is a Protestant church affiliated with the Evangelical Church. Worship and devotion services conducted.


Berlin Airlift Museum in Fassberg, Germany
During the Berlin Blockade RAF Fassberg played an important role as a hub for supplying the city.
Berlin Airlift Veterans Association (BAVA)
The association for Airlift veterans and their dependents. Est.1989 at the 40th anniversary celebration.
The BERLIN Brigade
  For those who served in BERLIN. Tell your parents about these sites.
  website: BerlinBrigade.com
                housing-areas.berlin-brigade.com/links/index.html - housing areas
The BERLIN U.S. Military Veteran's Association (BUSMVA)
  For those who served in BERLIN. Tell your parents about this site.
  website: www.BERLINveterans.com
The U.S. Military Liaison Mission
  For those who served in BERLIN. Tell your parents about this site.
  website: www.usmlm.us

Museums & Foundations

Allied Museum in BERLIN (formerly the Outpost Theatre)
website: www.alliiertenmuseum.de
               www.alliiertenmuseum.de - special exhibit on our school
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation 
  The C-54 "Spirit of Freedom" is a veteran of the 1948-49 Berlin Airlift. 330 were used in the airlift, this one is a "flying museum" (w/exhibits) preserving the history and remembrance of the Airlift.
website: www.spiritoffreedom.org
Berlin Historical Association (BHA)
  Founded in 1995 as the successor to the former American Historical Association of Berlin, which met regularly in the American Sector until the Allies left Berlin in 1994. It is the only English-speaking historical society in Berlin and its aim is to further the knowledge of its international membership about the history of Berlin from the Prussian era to modern times.
website: bha-ev.org/
Checkpoint Charlie Foundation
  The CCF goal is to develop and maintain German-American relations. The Foundation promotes and organizes various projects and programs, while at the same time serving the interests of both countries as a contact organization.
website: www.cc-stiftung.de
McNair Museum
  A free museum on McNair Barracks commemorating the 250,000 civilian employees of the three western allies supporting Berlin between 1945 and 1994.
website: www.us-army-berlin.org/mcnair-museum.html
Museum of the American Military Family
  Brings together people with shared experiences showcasing and honoring those who also served--America's Military Families.
website: www.museumoftheamericanmilitaryfamily.org
National Veterans and Memorial Museum
The only museum in America that gives a voice to ALL of our Veterans.
Founding President & CEO: LTG (ret) Mike Ferriter, Berlin Brat '75
website: www.nationalvmm.org
The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
  June 12, 1987, President Reagan issued his challenge: "Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
website: www.itcdc.com
Museum of World Treasures
  The BERLIN Brats Alumni Association purchased a section of the BERLIN Wall and donated it to AOSHS. It is now on loan to this Museum. To view, click on Exhibits, then Military Exhibits, then BERLIN WALL.
website: www.worldtreasures.org
website: www.BERLINbrats.org/wall.htm
awards: pdfs\awards.pdf


The BERLIN Observer
  website: www.theBERLINobserver.com
  A "round-table" discussion with Herren Prigge, Bluem, Hildenbrand & Benson and closing thoughts with Coach Pepoy and Mr Bluem.
website: www.theBERLINobserver.com/real/bahsvideo1994.html
The Stars & Stripes
  The print edition is sold only at military facilities overseas, but Stripes now has an "electronic paper" that's available via computer for those who aren't in the print paper's circulation area.
  website: www.stripes.com
  The English language paper for BERLIN.
  website: www.exberliner.com

Our School Now

Wilma-Rudolph Oberschule
  BAHS is now the Wilma-Rudolph Oberschule.
  website: www.wilma-rudolph.de

Quentin Blake Grundschule
  TAR Elementary is now the Quentin Blake English-German bilingual school
  website: www.quentin-blake-europe-school.de


Berlin Brandenburg International School
  The Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS) is unique as the only school worldwide offering all four programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organization. In addition, BBIS provides boarding facilities for students from grades 9-12.
  website: www.bbis.de
Berlin International School
  Berlin International School is a private, non-profit, non-denominational day school offering student-centered learning to international and local students from pre-school through university entrance preparation.
  website: www.berlin-international-school.de
John F. Kennedy School
  The official website of the JFK School in BERLIN, Germany.
  website: www.jfks.de
JFK Alumni Association
  The JFK School Alumni Community.
  website: www.jfks.net