Berlin Brats

22 April 12 - the IHOP in Bricktown, OK

Just over a month ago I got the oddest phone call. A number I didn't know, and a voice I didn't recognize! The message left was telling m e that I had a friend in Hawaii thinking about me. So naturally I was a little weirded out, I don't know anyone in Hawaii!!!! I had been having some issues, as usual..lol. My life, always full of issues, but who's isn't right? So, I called the number back and to my surprise it was Ben Hilger! We had a long, wonderful conversation. I hadn't talked to him in 27yrs!!!!! Then he tells me he's going to be in Oklahoma City in a few weeks for a conference, and how far away was I, and who did I know in that area that would be willing to get together for an afternoon or something. Well, anytime you say "Brat get together" we come outof the woodwork! And so I went to work! The first person I called was Denise Maden! I knew she was down there and if it hadn't been for her I don't think we would of got as far as we did. I'm am a huge scatter brain, and with all my stuff, had no organization what so ever! So Denise and I hit facebook with our ideas and dates and times. We didn't have a lot of time to work with at this point, so it was a crunch time thing! But we managed just fine, I think, and got it all put together! I even got the pleasure of a meeting a Brat who was in Berlin before I was, which was very exciting for me! I brought my yearbooks and some pictures, and we laughed and talked, and had fun! Although I will miss yet another big Brat reunion, the small ones are just as cool and unforgetable! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it! We all had a great time! One of these days I'll make a big reunion and get to see everybody!!!! Here we all are in Bricktown, Oklahoma City. Denice (Brumback) Blea '90

All of us outside the IHOP in Bricktown, OK on 22 April 2012

Billi Cooper LeRoy '87 (plus daughters Kaleigh and Ciara)

Brian "Tiny" Hudson '86 and Ben Hilger '89

John and Denise (Madden) Wolfskill '91

Denice (Brumback) Blea '90 and Catherine "Alex" Hamilton '90

Ray Price '86 and Catherine "Alex" Hamilton '90

Rhonda (Spain) Horn '87