Berlin Brats
"We spent our entire childhoods in the service of our country, and no one even knew we were there." - Pat Conroy

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What is a Class Contact?

Class Contacts are BERLIN Brats who keep communication flowing between each other and the BERLIN Brats Alumni Association. A Class Contact doesn't need to be a graduate of BERLIN but they do need to have attended our school. Class Contacts increase Brat participation at events and strengthen our alumni network.

What does a Class Contact do?

Each Class Contact will be provided with a class roster to maintain. Class Contacts should touch base with their respective classmates at least once every 6 months through e-mails, phones, snail mail, or even personal visits to verify address, phone, and email information.

When a new Brat is found, you should obtain the following information and forward it to the BERLIN Brats Alumni Association for inclusion on the Master Database:

  First (Maiden) Last Names:
  Graduating Year (even if not at BAHS):
  Actual Years in BERLIN: (ex. 1980-1983):
  City, State, ZIP:
  Telephone Numbers:
  Siblings and their information:
  Friends and their information:

When a new Brat finds us, we will forward the information to you. These Brats should be contacted immediately so you can introduce yourself as the Class Contact and make them feel welcome.

At times, the BBAA will e-mail information to the Class Contacts and this information can simply be forwarded to your respective class. At other times, you may have information that is relevant to just your class to disseminate, i.e., if you are planning a small gathering.

One of the challenges of being a Class Contact is losing contact with someone because, as Brats, we do have a tendency to move. A good way to deal with this is to keep notes on who hung out together and ask "the crowd" for information as soon as someone is "lost". And then when a Brat is "found" this usually leads to another - we just need to ASK.

Class Contacts should encourage Brats to officially join the BERLIN Brats.

Class Contacts should also encourage Brats to attend our Reunions (normally held every 3 years in the east, mid-country and west on a rotational basis) and regionals (local get-togethers throughout the country held in between Reunion years).

How much time does it take?

Your time commitment is up to you. However, when Class Contacts are active, the paybacks are extremely rewarding. Classes with active Class Contacts tend to have the largest gathering of Brats at reunions which makes everything more fun! This is why we gather in the first place; to be with other Brats!

If you like, you can share the responsibility. In fact, Co-Class Contacts (for example one from 7th, 8th, & 9th grade and another one from 10th, 11th, & 12th grade) have proven quite successful to get the most Brats from a class involved.

What are the Benefits?

Class Contacts benefit in many ways. Some simply enjoy keeping in touch with Brats, rediscovering old Brats and meeting new Brats.

Class Contacts receive complimentary membership and copies of BBAA publications.

Being a Class Contact is a great way to meet new Brats, learn about BBAA and play a role in improving and watching it grow.

How do I sign up?

Contact us!

Please know that your contact information will be posted on our Contacts page of our website. This has proved useful for Brats contacting us when they recognize a familiar name.

We're always open to your ideas and input! If you have any questions about becoming a Class Contact or your role as a Class Contact, please contact us at