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Jennifer (Allen) Colón '90

Years in BERLIN:
  1984 - 1990
Sibling Brats:
  Tim '94
  Danny Colón '88
Extra Stuff About Me:
  The following information was collected and posted on http://www.baycomm.net/BAHS/1985-89.htm way back before we really used the internet.

alphabetical by first name as some ladies have married.

BAHS Class of 1985.

Angela Arnold (c/o 85) (sister of Richard c/o 85) lives in Palm Bay, FL.

Anthony "Tony" Somsan (c/o 85) (brother of Michael c/o 86) got a B. S. in Sociology from the U of HI in 90 and then was a lieutenant in the Army from 90-94. After leaving the Army, he owned and managed a laundromat in NYC while earning a B. A. in Finance and Investment from Baruch Business College, SUNY in 97 and being a candidate for an MBA in Finance at Manhattan College School of Business, NY. Since 97 he has also been a potfolio manager assistant at ING Barings Furman Seiz. He is still single (with no kids) and lives in NY, NY. (212) 737-1052 E-mail: ASomsan@yahoo.com.

R. "Becky" Balaskovits Dalton (c/o 85) (sister of Travis c/o 89) is married with two children: Jennifer, 10 and Sterling, 7. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO near her brother and parents.

Catherine "Cate" "Cathy" Speer (c/o 85) (sister of Larry c/o 83) left Berlin after sophomore year and graduated H. S. at Ft. Meade, MD. She spent a few years in the Army before attending the GA Tech and earning a B. S. in engineering in 96. She works in Huntington Beach, CA for a small, privately owned aerospace company designing commercial airline interiors. She surfs, rollerblades, and loves water sports in general; so she spends a lot of time in Los Angeles in the water. (714) 536-7300 [wk: (800) 891-1906 or (714) 891-1906] E-mail: scate@cdaero.com.

Charles H. Cleveland (c/o 85) lived in Jacksonville, FL and is now stationed in Washington, D.C. where he is the roommate of Tim Murphy (BAHS c/o 85). They lives just around the corner from Richard Sheridan (BAHS c/o 85) and Paul Murphy (BAHS c/o 86).

Charles T. Cobler (c/o 85) lived in Chilton, WI.

Cherice L. Carson (c/o 85) lives in Silver Spring, MD.

Cheryl Lindsey (c/o 85) (sister of Carolyn c/o 80 and Trisha c/o 82) lives in the Greenbelt/Baltimore, MD area near her two sisters.

Cheryl Wist (c/o 85) (sister of Cathy Wist Pulliam c/o 8?) lives in CA.

Christine "Chris" McGoey (c/o 85) lives in NY, NY. (212) 721-8636? E-mail: Christine.McGoey@abnamro.com.

Christopher "Chris" B. Haddock (c/o 85) (brother of Monique c/o 87 and Mike c/o 89) is married and lives in NC with his wife and son.

Corey Little (c/o 85) lives in Eastgreenwich, RI.

Craig "Turk" "Little Turk" Tuczynski (c/o 85) left Berlin after junior yr. to graduate H. S. in Ft. Meade, MD. He's now in Kapolei, HI. E-mail: BroncoNo1@aol.com.

Daniel "Danny" A. Franklin (c/o 85) (brother of Lisa c/o 88) lives in San Antonio, TX. Dad's e-mail: Lfrank6384@aol.com.

David R. G. Yahn (c/o 85) lived in Surf Side Beach, SC.

Debra "Debbie" McAuley (c/o 85) (sister of Sharon c/o 81).

Dina Palakanis Mouriski (c/o 85) (sister of ???) lives in Crofton, MD. (310) 858-0155 E-mail: riskii@aol.com.

Douglas "Doug" Magruder (c/o 85) lives near Miami, FL in New Port Richie. (813) 844-5050 E-mail: Erin1281@aol.com.

Elizabeth "Liz" Wood (c/o 85) (sister of Suzanne c/o 82 and Rob c/o 83) left after freshman yr. to attend one year in VA and then two years in HI. She lives in NYC, NY where she works in the health care field. (360) 273-4426 E-mail: ElizabethW@cmmicorp.com.

Gregory Govan (c/o 85) (360) 273-4426.

James "Jim" W. LeBlanc (c/o 85) (brother of Mick c/o 87) lived in Vineyard Haven, MA and is now in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife, Lori, and their baby who's on the way. E-mail: LeBlanc@engin.umich.edu.

Janet Lively (c/o 85).

Jennifer "Jenni" A. Hewitt (c/o 85) (sister of Robin c/o 89) lives in Dunwoody, GA. E-mail: Jennifer_Hewitt@vantive.com.

Jocelyne von Arx (c/o 85) (sister of Sean c/o 8?) lives in Jenner, CA.

John Guerin (c/o 85) (brother of ?) parents live in Pensacola, FL.

Kelly Willa (c/o 85) (sister of Stacy c/o 88) lives in Cleveland, OH. (440) 845-0267.

Kimberly "Kim" Williams (c/o 85) lives in Tacoma, WA. E-mail: WilliamsTK@aol.com.

Kristin L. Carlton (c/o 85) left after 7th grade. E-mail: KLCarlton@aol.com.

Laura L. Jacoby (c/o 85) (sister of ?) lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

Laura Ann "Laurie" Chapman Ohman (c/o 85) (sister of Thomas L. c/o 90) lives in Canton, OH.

Leigh Love (c/o 85) (sister of J. Bryant c/o 90) lives.

Lonnie Spikes, Jr. (c/o 85) (brother of Renee c/o 90) lives in Detroit, MI.

Malissa Murray Ladd (c/o 85) lives in Richmond, VA. (804) 897-0363 E-mail: e1mmm01@frb.rich.org or Malissa.Ladd@Rich.frb.org.

Mary Hanson (c/o 85) (sister of Carol c/o ?, Rita c/o 82, and Rose c/o 84) lives in Odessa, MO with her two daughters: Theresa, 15, and Krisit, 13. Some of you may remember her daughter Theresa who was born in Berlin. E-mail: CtraryMary@aol.com.

Matthew "Matt" C. Austin (c/o 85) (brother of Bobby/Bob c/o 87) (not to be confused with the Matt E. Austin c/o 87) lived in Bremerton, WA and earned a B. S. in International Studies from the U of WA. He was commissioned in the A. F. in 90 and served at Malmstrom AFB, MT as an ICBM Launch Officer. While in MT he married Jackie in Great Falls, MT in 94 and earned a Master's degree in Administrative Science at the U of MT. He moved to Presidio (Monterey), CA in 95 with Jackie where they had two children: their daughter, Bryn, born in March 96 and their son, Calvin, born in November 97. In Sep. 98 they'll move to FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne, WY. Matt can always be reached through his parents in Seabeck, WA. E-mail: AusintM@pom-emh1.army.mil.

Melissa Blackwell (c/o 85) lives in Sumter, SC.

Michael Pollard (c/o 85) lives in Muskegon, MI.

Michelle Doty Hart (c/o 85) (sister of Kevin c/o 83 and Kristal c/o 87) graduated from BYU in 92 and then lived in Rexburg, ID. She's now in Midlothian, VA with her husband, Brad, and their three children. E-mail: ChelleRae@juno.com.

Monica G. Madero Craven (c/o 85) (sister of Michael c/o 86, Melissa c/o 93, and Margaret c/o 95) lives in Pasadena, MD. E-mail: mgmc@pobox.com or MGMC13@pro or at Margaret's: MGM@softhome.net.

Natalie Asp Reader (c/o 85) left after sophomore yr. and attended Woodbridge H. S. in England. Then she went to the University of Maryland-Munich campus from 85-87. She lives in Phoenix, AZ. She and her husband are expecting a child in late 98. (602) 992-2417 E-mail: Nreader767@aol.com.

Nicholas Meimaris (c/o 85) left after ? yr. and lives in Europe with the military.

Paul Boinay (c/o 85) lived in.

Peter "Pete" Murphy (c/o 85) (brother of Tim c/o 84 and Paul c/o 85) lives in Annandale, VA. E-mail: MurphyP@gatx.com.

Ralph DeGruy (c/o 85) (brother of Ramona c/o 8?) lives in Berlin and has his own architect company.

Richard M. Sheridan, II (c/o 85) lives in Washington, D.C. with Paul Murphy (BAH c/o 86) around the corner from Charlie Cleveland (BAHS c/o 85) and Tim Murphy (BAHS c/o 85).

Robert "Robbie" F. Hayes (c/o 85) (brother of R. Lee c/o 90) lived in Charlotte, NC.

Rose Lopez (c/o 85) lived in Las Trampas, NM.

Sally Shoup Meischeid (c/o 85) (sister of David c/o 90) lives in FL. (407) E-mail: aquaslider@aol.com.

Scott Fisher (c/o 85) left after ? yr. and lives in Berkley, MI. (313) 543-9392 or work: (248) 223-1000.

Sheantina Grice (c/o 85) lives in Valdosta, GA.

Sonya R. McKnight (c/o 85) (sister of Tim c/o 89) is/was married and lives in Pensacola, FL.

Sri-Chol Chanthon (c/o 85) lives in.

Steven "Steve" O'Hearne (c/o 85) (brother of Kristy c/o 87) joined the A. F. in 1988 and is stationed at McChord, AFB, HI as an assistant Golf Pro. with his wife, Julie Davis (BAHS c/o 86). Steve plans to get out of the A. F. in 1998.

Susan Sams O'Neill (c/o 85) (sister of Kathy c/o 81 and Sharon c/o 82) left after sophomore yr. and lives in Reisertown, MD. (410) 833-0674 E-mail: Hikist@aol.com.

Tammy Stoebner (c/o 85) (sister of Grant c/o 90?) moved to Tacoma, WA and after several years graduated from Evergreen State College. She loves WA and the outdoors. (253) 845-4669 E-mail: TStoebner@aol.com.

Tanya Howard (c/o 85) lives in Richmond, VA.

Teresa Griffin (c/o 85) (sister of ? c/o 90) lives in Savannah, GA/.

Timothy "Tim" Murphy (c/o 85) (brother of Pete c/o 85 and Paul c/o 86) graduated from Notre Dame and lived in Annandale, VA, but he's now in Washington, D.C. as the roommate of Charlie Cleveland (BAHS c/o 85). They live around the corner from Richard Sheridan (BAHS c/o 85) and Paul Murphy (BAHS c/o 86).

Timothy "Tim" Snow (c/o 85) lived in Greer, SC.

Wendy Felker (c/o 85) (sister of Tim c/o 83) lives in VA.

BAHS Class of 1986.

Andrew "Drew" J. Irwin (c/o 86) lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife, Debra.

Anthony Joseph "Joey" Roche (c/o 86) (brother of Carrie and Eric c/o 88, Sally c/o 89, and Leslie c/o 91) married and has three children: Valerie, Bryan, and Joey. He is in the Air Force stationed in San Antonio, TX. E-mail: raylane1@aol.com.

Ashley Butler Hoerig (c/o 86) lives in Findlay, OH.

Bonnie Eschrich Jones (c/o 86) (sister of Aimee c/o 89) lives in NB.

Catherine "Cathy" Manning (c/o 86) (sister of Michelle c/o 88 and Derek c/o 90) graduated with a B. A. in Communications from the U of CO in 91 and an M. A. in Marketing from NYU in 9. She lives in Hoboken, NJ and works at Goldman Sachs in NYC. E-mail: MissColorado@sprintmail.com.

Christine Cox (c/o 86) lives in Burtonsville, MD. (301) 847-6747.

Diana J. Bartholemew Smith? (c/o 86) (sister of Dora c/o 8? and Julia c/o 88) lies in PA with her husband.

Donald "Don" T. Knowles, Jr. (c/o 86) (brother of Kim c/o ??) worked at Belk Department store in Hilton Head, SC when his younger sister died. There's no word on where he is now other than his grandparents live in Callawassie Plantation, SC.

J. "J.J." Jones (c/o 86) lives in NB. E-mail:.

Karrie J. Kotcher (c/o 86) (sister of Kenny c/o 9?).

Kimberly "Kim" Rezjek (c/o 86) (sister of Erin c/o 84 and James c/o 89) E-mail: Ematt88273@aol.com.

Leslie D. Holden (c/o 86) lives somewhere in the southeast. E-mail: emsnorth@aol.com.

Lisa Royden (c/o 86) E-mail: RoydenL@ntsb.gov.

Michael "Mike" E. Carey (c/o 86) (brother of Tom c/o 87, Ann Marie c/o 89, Ben c/o 90 and a younger sister) went to Ohio State U. for 88/89 where he met his wife, Margaret. They married in May 90 and live in Columbus, OH with their Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Kirby, and their two daughters: Katherine, born in 91, and Meagan, born in 96. Mike works for the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio as a Deputy Clerk and is taking classes for a mid-life career move into computers. Margaret is an R. N. at a local children's hospital on the neuro-surgical unit. E-mail: MCarey@micro-net.com.

Michael "Mike" Davis (c/o 86) lives in Las Vegas, NV. E-mail: Imnail@aol.com.

Michael "Mike" S. Somsan (c/o 86) (brother of Anthony "Tony" c/o 85) lived in Killeen, TX until this year. He may have been there with the Army at Ft. Hood. Now he's in law school at the U of AZ in Tucson with his wife and daughter.

Michael S. Wallize (c/o 86) enlisted in the USN and then graduated from Penn State in 95. He lives with his wife in the Washington D.C. area where he works as an Investment Performance Analyst for a financial consulting firm. Most of his clients are not for profit agencies (i.e. universities, charitable foundations, pension funds, etc), so he, like us, works for a living. His dad lives in Las Vegas, NV; so the next reunion we have there, we can all crash at his house J . E-mail: cwallize@aol.com or at his office: Mwallize@cambridgeassociates.com.

Natalie Wilson Mckenna (c/o 86) left after Jr. yr. and moved to Key West, FL with her parents and then to Boca Raton, FL to go to FL Atlantic U where she graduated in 92 with a B. A. in marketing. She met her husband, John, shortly after graduation, and they married in 95. Natalie works as a Human Resource Manager where she lives in Deerfield Beach, FL. The couple has no children. (954) E-mail: Coolknat@aol.com.

Patrick "Pat" R. Guzik (c/o 86) (brother of Brian c/o 89) is in the military.

Paul M. Douglass (c/o 86) (brother of Clinton c/o 87 and John c/o 89) lives in Hilton Head, SC with his wife and two kids. He is the electronics department manager at Wal-Mart. He's minutes away from his brother Clinton and the beach. (803) 681-4749.

Paul M. Murphy (c/o 86) (brother of Tim c/o 85 and Pete c/o 85) lives with Richard Sheridan (BAHS c/o 85) in Washington, D.C. near Charlie Cleveland and Tim Murphy (BAHS c/o 85). E-mail: PMMurphy@erols.com.

Peter James "Jim" Long (c/o 86) (brother of Vicki c/o 86) lived in HI in about 1988.

Richard "Ricky" J. Klein (c/o 86) is back in Berlin, lucky dog. E-mail: RichardKlein@csi.com.

Robert M. Long (c/o 86).

Shawn M. Bingham (c/o 86) (brother of Shannon c/o 91) married his high school sweetheart, April Munger (BAHS c/o 87), in San Antonio, TX in Sep. 91. They moved to Eglin A. F. B. in northwest FL where their first child, Austin, was born in Nov. 94. April worked as a medical office manager, and Shawn served there in the A. F. until he got out in Mar. 95. Then they moved to Aurora, CO where April worked part-time for an oral surgery practice until their second child, Kylie, was born in Apr. 98. Now she is a full-time, busy, stay at home mom, and Shawn works at Denver International Airport. (303) 690-6046 E- mail: skaabing@webtv.net.

Vicki L. Long (c/o 86) (sister of Jim c/o 86) lived in HI in about 1988.

BAHS Class of 1987.

Adrienne Swanson (c/o 87?) (sister of Art c/o 90) lives in Goosecreek, SC.

Amanda "Jill" DeBerry Bonds (c/o 87) (sister of Shannon c/o 89) married Russ, and they live in Atlanta, GA.

Amy B. Feutz (c/o 87) (sister of Andrew c/o 90) worked as a bartender at the Officers' club at Fort Huachuca, AZ while attending college at the U. of AZ. She graduated with a B. A. in Psychology and a B. S. in Family Studies. She is now a site director for the child care program at the YMCA. She lives in Tucson, AZ.

Angela "Angie" J. Coleman Rodriguez (c/o 87) married her high school sweetheart Melvin Rodriguez (BAHS c/o 87). He is in the AF, and they have at least two children together.

Ann Marie R. Conway Binion (c/o 87) (sister of Regina c/o 90) spent her Sr. yr. in El Paso, TX, graduated college in 92 and then enlisted for four years in the Army. She's now taking a break in Birmingham, AL with her son. E-mail: tbinion@bellsouth.net.

April C. Munger Bingham (c/o 87) (sister of Greg c/o 91) married her high school sweetheart, Shawn Bingham (BAHS c/o86), in San Antonio, TX in Sep. 91. They moved to Eglin A. F. B. in northwest FL where their first child, Austin, was born in Nov. 94. April worked as a medical office manager, and Shawn served there in the A. F. until he got out in Mar. 95. Then they moved to Aurora, CO where April worked part-time for an oral surgery practice until their second child, Kylie, was born in Apr. 98. Now she is a full-time, busy, stay at home mom, and Shawn works at Denver International Airport. E-mail: skaabing@webtv.net.

Ayako Yamaguchi Suziki (c/o 87) lives in Japan with her husband. E-mail: rxb06771@niftyserve.or.jp.

Billi Cooper LeRoy (c/o 87) graduated H. S. in Augusta, GA. She married Kenneth in 91 with Michelle Kent (BAHS c/o 87) as her maid of honor. They have a daughter, Kaleigh, who was born in 93, and Billi has two step-sons: Andrew, born in 86; and John, born in 87. They lived in Augusta, GA until 96 when they moved to Abilene, TX. E-mail: kilroy@camalott.com.

Brian McVay (c/o 87) (brother of James c/o 88) lives in Roxbury, CT near his brother. He attended the wedding of Stacy Willa Moore (BAHS c/o 88) in 98. E-mail: BMcVay69@hotmail.com.

Bryan Potyk (c/o 87) (brother of Jason c/o 89) left after sophomore yr. and spent 10 years in the USN on the east coast. In 1992 he married Teresa, and they are expecting their first child in Mar 99. He works for a small avionics firm at San Antonio International airport in TX. (210) 479-2148 or cell (210) 846-2148 E-mail: BPotyk@aol.com.

Carl E. Marvin, III (c/o 87) (brother of Dusty c/o 88 and Chris Marvin c/o 89) guru of the class of 1987 reunion in Las Vegas lives in CA and sends us the Berliner Gazette. (It's kind of like Charlie's Angels (we hear his voice but never see his face) What are you up to Carl? E-mail: CMarvin@ccgroupnet.com.

Christopher "Chris" "Homer" B. Erickson (c/o 87) lived in Alamogordo, MN and now is in San Jose, CA. He's a Capt. in the Air Force. He just went to the wedding of Stacy Willa (BAHS c/o 88) in May 98 while Rob Ahrens (BAHS c/o 87) partied at his house, uh, I mean, watched his dog. E-mail: EricksB@pioneer.oafb.af.mil or EricksCB@oafb.af.mil or Christopher.Erickson@ONIZUKA.af.mil.

Christine L. Reilley Reagan (c/o 87) (sister of Donna Reilley c/o 90) lives in Mount Pleasant, PA with her husband, of seven years, Matt. She's working on a degree. E-mail: mlr555@westol.com.

Claudine Robinson (c/o 87) (cousin of Gilbert Barrer c/o 89) left after her junior year to graduate in Augsburg. She's in San Antonio, TX working as a first grade teacher and working on an M. A. in early childhood education for 99. She's single and looking for a military man, so she can travel. Where's Todd Walsh?!?.

Clinton Douglass (c/o 87) (brother of Paul c/o 86 and John c/o 89) and left after his junior yr. and went to Hilton Head, SC for the summer and then to IN for his senior yr. (He hated the cornfields L .) Clinton went to the U. of ME for a while but hated the long winters and returned to Hilton Head, SC to manage a restaurant for four years. In the spring of 98, they sold the restaurant, and he has decided to make a career in accounting. He's still single and has a faithful cocker spaniel who's been with him for 10 years, and he loves living 30 seconds from the Beach. E-mail: CDoug84121@aol.com.

Courtney Arrington (c/o 87) lives in Havelock, NC.

Devin Ferguson (c/o 87) lives in San Francisco, CA. E-mail: DevinF@sirius.com.

Ellen "Nicole" "Cole" "Colby" Collins Periello (c/o 87) married her high school sweetheart, Jon Periello (BAHS c/o 87), had a son named Jonathan Michael, and lived in Columbus, GA; but they've moved to TX. They had twin daughters in July 98: Sarah Nicole and Rachael Marie. A bunch of Berliners were at their wedding about five years ago including: Rob Ahrens (c/o 87), Angie Brown (c/o 88), Chris Marvin (c/o 89), Marnie Nelson Newton (c/o 87), and John Warren (c/o 87).

Gary Segler (c/o 87) (brother of Kathleen c/o 90) lives in Ceiva, PR.

Jeanie M. Jaynes Anderson (c/o 87) (sister of Wendy c/o 89 and Robin c/o 91) married Brent about two years ago in Crested Butte, CO attended by Amanda "Jill" DeBerry Bonds (BAHS c/o 87) and her sisters. A bunch of Berliners attended including: Rob Ahrens (c/o 87), Tom Carey (c/o 87), Erika DeVries (c/o 88), Chris "Homer" Erickson (c/o 87), Mike "Smurf" James ( c/o 87), Chris Marvin (c/o 89), and Dusty Marvin (c/o 89). Jeanie lives in Houston, TX.

Jo Anne Prokopowicz (c/o 87) (sister of John c/o 87) left after sophomore yr. E-mail: JoAnne@townhall.com.

John D. Warren, Jr. (c/o 87) went to FSU and roomed with Rob Ahrens (BAHS c/o 87). He's stationed with the 1st Ranger Battalion at Hunter Army Fld., GA as a Special Forces Medic and lives with his wife, Holly, who he met at AIT military training, one year old boy, and baby who's expected in 98. They lived in Starke, FL before this.

John "Jasper" C. Kump (c/o 87) (brother of Linda c/o 89) lives in Long Beach, CA and works in management for biomedical company called Baxter International in regulatory affairs/wuality assurance. E-mail: OmrNiceGuy@aol.com.

Jolyn Unruh (c/o 87) lives in Stockbridge, MA. (413) 298-4841.

Jonathan "Jon" E. Periello (c/o 87) married his high school sweetheart, Nicole Collins (BAHS c/o 87), had a son named Jonathan Michael, and lived in Columbus, GA, but they've moved to TX. They had twin daughters in July 98: Sarah Nicole and Rachael Marie. A bunch of Berliners were at their wedding about five years ago including: Rob Ahrens (c/o 87), Angie Brown (c/o 88), Chris Marvin (c/o 89), Marnie Nelson Newton (c/o 87), and John Warren (c/o 87).

Julie Davis O'Hearne (BAHS c/o 87) left after ? year and married Steven "Steve" O'Hearne (c/o 85). He joined the A. F. in 1988 and is stationed at McChord, AFB, HI as an assistant Golf Pro. Steve plans to get out of the A. F. in 1998.

Kathleen "Katie" M. Singleton (c/o 87) (sister of Matt c/o 88) E-mail: Katie@alaska.net.

Kelleena "Kelle" Smith (c/o 87) (sister of Nicole "Nic" or "Nikki" c/o 90) lives in Houston, TX.

Krystal Doty (c/o 87) (sister of Kevin c/o 83 and Michelle c/o 85) moved to Berlin for her sixth grade year and left after her sophomore year. She graduated H. S. elsewhere and graduated from BYU in 94 and then from UT State U in 9? with an M. A. in Psychology. She's a guidance counselor in southwest VA at VA Tech. E-mail: KDot@vt.edu.

Liane Murphy (c/o 87) (sister of Kati c/o 87) left in Aug. 89 to attend Purdue University but didn't like living in the corn fields (ha). She returned to Berlin and worked a variety of jobs before joining the A. F. She works as a contract specialist with construction and renovation on Randolph AFB at San Antonio, TX. She's living with her long time boyfriend and their daughter, Amanda, born in Aug. 96. (210) 804-1035 E-mail: Aquarian@aol.com.

Marnie R. Nelson Newton (c/o 87) graduated from Southern Missouri U in 93 with a B. S. in Exercise Science and worked in a hospital with rehabilitation. She dated her husband, Steve, for about five years before marrying him in 94 and having their first child in May 96-a girl named Riley. Steve is originally from Pace, FL and graduated from UWF (in Pensacola), played professional baseball for the New York Mets for seven years, and now teaches high school P. E. and coaches baseball. They lived in Springfield, MO, but Marnie's new job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. With Zeneca has brought the family to St. Louis. They're planning a trip to Europe in the spring of 99 and, of course, it includes Berlin!.

Mary E. Houston Perry (c/o 87) (sister of Chris c/o 88 and Cathleen c/o 94) graduated from the American College of Applied Arts in London, England and Los Angeles, CA with a B. A. in fashion design. She moved to Santa Monica, CA and married Jim Perry (BAHS c/o 90). Mary had her own millinery business in L. A. but is now moving into clothing and accessories under another label (she's picking a name.) They lives in Cocoa Beach, FL where they enjoy surfing. (407) 633-4841? E-mail: Calvin8409@mindspring.com.

Mason Sherry (c/o 87?) last reported to be in Seattle, WA with a few other Berliners including : Dietrich Knapp (c/o 89), Miguel Perez (c/o 89) and Chris "Stewie" Stewart (c/o 90). George Worthington (BAHS c/o 90) saw him working security in Seattle for a public relations event for Ralph Lauren Jeans, and George said Mason had a totally new look (shaved head and eight inch gotee). He's enjoying a nomadic life and is very content. Pager with message capability: (206) 570-9229 E-mail: tryka@u.washington.edu.

Matthew "Matt" E. Austin (c/o 87) lived in MD and came to Dan & Jenn Colô n's ( BAHS c/o 88 & 90) wedding in FL in Dec. 1991. Now, who knows???.

Melvin Rodriguez (c/o 87) (brother of Marlon c/o 90 and Richard c/o 91) married his high school sweetheart Angie Coleman Rodriguez (BAHS c/o 87) and joined the AF. They have at least two children together.

Michael "Mike" "Smurf" F. James (c/o 87) no longer goes by "Smurf"! He was in military flight school at Pensacola, FL; but he lives in Ft. Myers, FL. E-mail: MJames@aol.com.

Michael "Mike" Peters, Jr. (c/o 87) (brother of Becca c/o 90) graduated from Davidson College in NC and is a Capt. in the Army. He just returned from Korea.

Michelle Wayne Bennett (c/o 87) (daughter of MSGT Jack Wayne-BAHS AJROTC teacher) lives in Columbus, OH.

Monique E. Haddock (c/o 87) (sister of Chris c/o 85 and Mike c/o 89) lives in NY near her brother Mike.

Nicole Baugh (c/o 87) lives in Huntsville, AL. E-mail: BaughN@md.redstone.army.mil.

Patrece C. Cashwell (c/o 87) (sister of Shannon c/o 89 and Matt Cashwell c/o 90) first went into the Coast Guard but ended up in Pensacola, FL at the University of West Florida). Now, she's in Austria with her boyfriend of five years taking classes in Legal German, so she can do her law internship there-she's a student at Franklin-Pierce Law School in NH. (Her mom, Anna, says she may have to plan another wedding after her sister Shannon's in July 97).

R. Scott C. Weaver (c/o 87) (brother of Neal c/o 88) lived in Rio Rancho,NM, near Albequerque, and worked as a police officer before going into the Army. E-mail: zuzumex@aol.com.

Robert "Rob" J. Ahrens (c/o 87) went to FSU and roomed with John Warren (BAHS c/o 87) and is a SGT in the Army Reserves living in CA now. He visited Berlin in Oct. 97 and says he has good and bad news-Good: the Irish Pub is twice as big; Bad: Germans have our school! He's hoping to enroll in a Bachelor of Economics program and the U. of San Francisco soon. He also stays in touch with almost everyone from c/o 87-89. E-mail: roblobster@hotmail.com.

Robert "Bobby" "Bob" Austin (c/o 87) (brother of Matt c/o 85) left after sophomore year and moved to WA.

Shannon Teasley (c/o 87) E-mail: tecora@ibm.net.

Stephanie Martinez (c/o 87) lives in Oklahoma City, OK.

Steven "Steve" J. Kinzie (c/o 87) lines in Juneau, AK with his wife, Heather and baby girl. He was married a few weeks before Jon and Nicole Periello (BAHS c/o 87) and at Steve's wedding, a bunch of Berliners where there including: Rob Ahrens (c/o 87), Tom Carey (c/o 87), Keri Lee Cutting (c/o 89), Darin Hunt (c/o 88), Mike "Smurf" James (c/o 87), Chris Jillson (c/o 89), Pete Kucera (c/o ??), Renee LaJoie (c/o 8?), Carl Marvin (c/o 88), Chris Marvin (c/o 89). (907) 364-3554 E-mail: SHKinzie@aol.com.

Tomas "Tom" R. Carey (c/o 87) (brother of Mike c/o 86 Ann Marie c/o 89, and Ben c/o 90 and a younger sister) lived in Goldsboro, NC, but now is stationed at Ramstein AFB as an intelligence officer. His wife of five years, Wynona, is a civil service worker there. He's happy to be back in Germany and is planning to visit Berlin soon. They live in a little dorf outside Ramstein and are expecting their first child in Jan. 99. E-mail: SJTom@bunt.com.

Van Tell (c/o 87) (brother of Daryl c/o 92) worked in the BAHS Supply Dept. and still lives and works in Berlin as a D. J. in local clubs.

BAHS Class of 1988.

Amy B. Stiver Hertog (c/o 88) (sister of Wendy c/o 90 and Jennifer c/o 93) is a nurse at a nursing home in Dayton, OH. She's married to an engineer at Underwriter's Laboratories named Dennis-who is an avid guitar player, and they have a two year old daughter named Alison. (937) 258-1273 E-mail: HGKG26B@prodigy.com.

Angela "Angie" C. Brown ?? (c/o 88) went to the wedding of Jon and Nicole Periello (both BAHS c/o 87) about five years ago and was engaged to marry an A. F. pilot at that time. Since then, they married and had a girl and another child in the summer of 98. The family lives in ID.

Brian S. Cooper (c/o 88) married Heather and had a couple of BAHS grads up for the wedding -including Tracy Terrell (BAHS c/o 88). He lives in Oakland, MD with his wife and sons Scott and Dalton.

Calli Fuller (c/o 88) has an interesting American Embassy Lagos, Dept of State, Washington D.C. address but is in Africa. Doing what??? E-mail: Calli2000@prodigy.net.

Carrie R. Roche Weiser (c/o 88) (sister of Eric c/o 88, Sally c/o 89, Leslie c/o 91, and A. Joe c/o 86) graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in June 97 with a B.A. in community health. She hopes to teach for a year and enter a Masters/Ph.D. program in Public Health at UT-Austin in May 98 and eventually teach college. She lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband of 9 years, Robert, and their seven year old son, David, who according to Miss Caroline is a genius J . E-mail: CarrieWeiser@juno.com or rweise19@stic.net or.

Christopher "Chris" J. Houston (c/o 88) (brother of Mary c/o 87 and Cathleen c/o 94) lived in San Antonio but got married in June 97 and moved to Plano, TX (just NE of Dallas) with his wife in August. Chris is a Hardware Systems Engineer in a medical laboratory in Dallas. The couple had their first son in Aug. 98, and Chris is taking a promoting in San Antonio. E-mail: HoustonCJ@aol.com.

Christine Radziminski Stuart (c/o 88) married Paul Stuart in Berlin in 89, and they had two sons together. They are now separated and Christine lives with the boys in Tempe, AZ.

Daniel "Dan" "Danny" "Chico" L. Col-n (c/o 88) (brother of Jose c/o 85-never in Berlin-and Erik c/o 98) is in the Air Force working on a BS in Biology at UWF in Pensacola. Dan married Jennifer Allen (BAHS c/o 90), his high school sweetheart, in Dec. 1991. They have no kids of their own yet, but they have a few large dogs-a Black Lab. (Jimi Hendrix) an American Bulldog (Colon's Jake of Laurel), and had two chocolate labs temporarily (Cali and Brox). The couple lives in Gulf Breeze, FL. E-mail: DJColon@baycomm.net.

Daniel "Dan" J. Moroney (c/o 88) graduated from the University of Maine with a B. S. in Biology and was involved in ROTC; he went to Army officer training at Ft. Sam Houston, TX, and is stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC as a Capt. with the Special Operations Command. He's there with his wife, Hiromi Carroll. (910) 423-4969 E-mail: MoroneyD@aol.com.

Darin Hunt (c/o 88) lives in Grand Junction, CO.

Darla Tabor Hung (c/o 88) married an M. P. named Jeff in Berlin in 89. Some Berliners ar her wedding included: Lori Barnett Martin (c/o 89) and John "Scott" Brady (c/o 89). They had a daughter named Steohanie "Steffi" Lynn Hung (the cutest red-head around) in 90. When her husband got out of the Army in 94, they moved to Atlanta, GA and then Newton Falls, OH. Darla works for as an accounts representative in a bank loan department, and Jeff is in college hoping to graduate in Dec. 98. After that, they'll probably move again. (330) 872-6422 E-mail: GTabor5740@aol.com.

Dawn M. Halinski ??(c/o 88) (sister of Edie BAHS c/o 90) went to U of MD-Munich campus 88-91. She lives in Denver, CO but is moving to NC with her two children. E-mail:.

Donald H. Geimer, Jr. (c/o 88) married his high school sweetheart, Tina Poteet (BAHS c/o 88), with Tracy Terrell (BAHS c/o 88) as best man-all three graduated from the University of Texas as Arlington-Donald with a B. A. in Business/Accounting. He has since lived in MD, CO, and KS. Currently, he works for Norwest Financial and is studying for an M. A. in information systems at UTA. His first baby, Brandon, was born in Aug. 98. (817) E-mail: DonGeimer@aol.com.

Dusty P. Marvin C/o 88) (brother of Carl c/o 87 and Chris c/o 89) married Kim in April 95 and had his son, Devin, in May 97. They live in Santa Clara, CA. (408) 244-9664 E-mail: DKMarvin@ix.netcom.com.

Eric B. Roche (c/o 88) (brother of Carrie c/o 88, Sally c./o 89, Leslie c/o 91, and A. Joe c/o 86) lives in Crestview, FL (east of Pensacola) and has a girlfriend and new baby boy, Gavin. Eric was injured in a car accident that killed his first wife (they married in 1990) and was hospitalized for some time. He has had a rough go of it; but, thankfully, he is doing much better at this time. He got out of the Air Force the spring of 98, so who knows what he's doing now! E-mail: rochee@cyou.com.

Erica Riddick (c/o 88) is a SPC in the Army stationed in Presidio SF, CA.

Erika M. DeVries (c/o 88) (sister of Britta /o 91) lived in Chicago, IL where she completed a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Chicago Art Institute. She has just moved to Brooklyn, NY with her dog and boyfriend. (312) 455-1854 E-mail: fancypanties@earthlink.net.

Felecia Phillips Hayes (c/o 88) married a former military man, John, in 91, and has three girls: Aja,8, Kiara, 3 1/2, amd Tamaiya, 11 months. They live in Springfield, VA (near Washington, D. C.) where Felecia owns a day care center which John helps her operate. (703) 440-5016 or fax (703) 440-1069 E-mail: jhayes2735@aol.com.

James W. McVay (c/o 88) (brother of Brian c/o 87) lives in Roxbury, CT near his brother. E-mail: JWM70@yahoo.com.

Jennifer E. Norris Stewart (c/o 88) (sister of James "J.J." Norris c/o 90 and daughter of BAHS Secretary Mrs. Becky Norris) married her Pre-BAHS high school sweetheart, Tommy (from GA), and has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR kids (the latest- a girl named Morgan). Tommy graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering in Dec. 97 and has already secured an assistantship to begin his Masters. They lived near Jennifer's parents, brother, and extended family in Columbus, MS, but moved to Jackson, MS when her husband graduated. She says she's not eager to become the Brady family (the Brady's had six kids) and hopes to one day return to college. E-mail: stewart@intop.net.

Jennifer "Jenny" A. Hoffman Mancini (c/o 88) graduated from Miami U, OH with a B. S. in Systems Analysis in 92. Moved Alpharetta, GA with her college sweetheart Fred Mancini. She earned an M. B. A. in International Business at Georgia State. She and her soon-to-be-husband Fred just bought their first home together and are having fun with maintenance projects. They're getting married in July 98 near Miami University in OH, because that's where they met. They have a golden retriever, Maxie, and a kitty, Snickers. E-mail: Jennifer_Mancini@bis.inrg.com.

Jennifer Quigley (c/o 88) (sister of Kim c/o 89) works as a department manager at MicroWarehouse in NJ and is getting married in Sept. 98. E-maill: quigleyj@mwhse.com.

Joy A. Campolo Turner (c/o 88) (sister of David Burdette c/o 90 and Cody c/o like 2000+) got married in 96 in FL with several Berliners present including: James "Fro" Williamson (c/o 90) and her brother. Her husband, Shawn, is in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, and he has two children including his daughter, Promise, who lives with them. Joy had her first child in Aug. 98: a girl names Tarraina Lashawn. She works in the Navy Exchange Service Command as a buyer for the Navy Exchanges around the world. They live in Portsmith, VA. E-mail: jnsTurner@aol.com.

Kirk A. Slobody (c/o 88) (previously attended JFK) lives in FL. E-mail: Slobody@wamnet.net.

Lance Srp (c/o 88) lives in Ladysmith, WI. E-mail: SrpL@msw0.attnet.or.jp.

Marcus Tingle (c/o 88) E-mail: 602.488.0415@compuserve.com.

Marshall L. Todd (c/o 88) went to school at Howard in Washington D.C. Works as a film director in L.A., CA. Call at (213) 623-3363, fax (213) 623-7558 or E-mail: dirtybird@worldnet.att.net.

Marty Batchelor Melvin (c/o 88) (sister of Cillia c/o 89) joined the military in 1990 and has lived in England, Germany, and had TDY's to Turkey, Italy, and all over. She married a military man and lives with him in NM where she is working on an Associates degree part-time. She's getting out of the military in Aug. 98 and will attend college full-time to earn a B. A. in Elementary Education.

Matthew "Matt" Singleton (c/o 88) (brother of Kathleen "Katie" c/o 87) left after his junior year and graduated H. S. in Croughton, England. He lives in Kansas City, MO.

Michael "Mike" Flores (c/o 88) (brother of Michelle c/o 90) has a career in computers and lives in Temple City, CA. E-mail: visine@ix.netcom.com.

Michelle Manning (c/o 88) (sister of Cathy c/o 86 and Derek c/o 90) graduated with a B. S. in Chemistry from the U of CO in 92 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the U of WI in 98. She's pursuing a law degree and looks forward to a career as a patent lawyer after her graduation in 2001. She lives in Madison, WI.

Michelle Virgin Rodriguez (c/o 88) left after her sophomore year to graduate elsewhere.

Neal C. Weaver (c/o 88) (brother of R. Scott c/o 87) graduated from Embory Riddle University with a degree in ?? and then got married. He lives with his wife and daughter in Albuquerque, NM.

Randy Lefaivre (c/o 88) (brother of Stacey Lefaivre c/o 90) married Sally Roche (BAHS c/o 89) right after high school and had a son, Ryan. They have since divorced, and Randy still lives in Germany as a contractor for the Army. E-mail: RandyLeFaivre@msn.com.

Richard "Rich" Beem (c/o 88) (brother of Susie c/o 85) works as a golf pro in the El Paso, TX Country Club.

Scott "Pee Wee" W. Wagner (c/o 88) (brother of Olympic Silver Medal Swimmer, Allison c/o 95) graduated from the U of FL in 93 with a B. S. in Exercise and Sports Science and married an A. F. Brat from Korea named Jennifer in Feb. 96. He works for Mobil Oil Corporation in Dallas, TX where he lives in a 1923 Arts and Crafts Bungalow they are restoring. They have also adopted two retired greyhounds: Reb and Ruger. Scott keeps in touch with Donald and Tina Geimer (BAHS c/o 88) who live in Arlington, TX. His biggest claim to fame since H. S., he says, is his sister's winning an Olympic Silver Medal in Atlanta 96 in the 400M swim. And yes, Allison was a Bear-A-Cuda swimmer in Berlin. E-mail: jenniferw@dalpo.hok.com or scott_w_wagner@email.mobil.com.

Sharon Livingston ?? (c/o 88) lives in Sparks/Reno, NV with her husband of six years and two sons. One son was born in 92? and the other in the spring of 98.

Stacey Clayton (c/o 88) E-mail: smcfarland@erols.com.

Stacy Willa Moore (c/o 88) (sister of Kelly c/o 85) left after her sophomore year; went to Rome, Italy for junior yr.; and went to Cleveland, OH for senior yr. where she graduated from Valley Forge H. S. Stacy attended college for a while at Kent State University (but didn't enjoy it); and she lives in Lakewood, OH. In May 98 she married Robert "Bob" who she had dated for four years and known for eight. They have a small poodle but no kids and are hoping to get pregnant next year sometime. (216) 523-1300 E-mail: smoore@mx.com.

Timothy "Tim" "SloMo" A. Brandt (c/o 88) lives in Bellvue, WA. E-mail: tdnarBT@aol.com.

Tina Poteet Geimer (c/o 88) (sister of Christina "Dawn" c/o 93) married her high school sweetheart Don (BAHS c/o 88), graduated for the University of Texas at Arlington with a B. A. in Marketing, works for Beverly Enterprises, and is on the verge of becoming a big executive for that company. She and Don had their first child, Brandon, in Aug, 98. Go Tina! (817) Husband's E-mail: dongeimer@aol.com.

Todd Sefick (c/o 88) lived in Clearwater, FL.

Tom Maienza (c/o 88) is a single in Toluca, CA who caught the acting bug. He's been in commercials and television shows and has is own dojo (martial arts/karate studio). He had cancer, but it is in remission, thankfully. E-mail: kagedojo@aol.com.

Tracy "Tex" C. Terrell (c/o 88) graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington (between Dallas and Fort Worth) with a B.S. in Information Systems, was the best man in the wedding of Donald Geimer (BAHS c/o 88) and Tina Poteet Geimer (BAHS c/o 88) (5-6 years ago). Tracy went to UTA with them and lived in the same apartment complex their Jr. & Sr. years of college. He married Jill Dec. 30, 1995, had a son in April 97 named Chandler Hall Terrell (born 8 lbs. 7oz. and 22"!), and lives in Houston working at his own Co. called Terrell Technology, Inc. E-mail: TTerrell@ix.netcom.com OR tracy_terrell@terrelltechnology.com.

BAHS Class of 1989.

Alex Burke (c/o 89) didn't graduate at BAHS. He lives in Lowell, MA. E-mail: aburke@act.mtg.com or aburke@actmfg.com.

Allison Elwood (c/o 89) (sister of ? c/o 9?) graduated from Wofford College in SC with an R. N. in 9?. She lives in Spartanburg, SC where she works as a critical care nurse in the ICU of Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. In college she met her current boyfriend, Chris Sculthorpe. In a visit home to NJ she found that his cousin, Steven Ferrara is the husband of Kim Quigley Ferrara (BAHS c/o 89). They see each other mostly for holidays. E-mail: releeusa@aol.com.

Amy Ellis (c/o 89) lives in Gainesville, TX.

Ann Marie Carey-Neal (c/o 89) (sister of Mike c/o 86, Tom c/o 87, Ben c/o 90, and a younger sister) married James C. Neal in Nov. 97 and moved from Ocean City, MD to Columbus, OH where they live near Ann Marie's family. James is a computer systems consultant, and she works in real estate while pursuing a career in writing. They hope to have children in the near future, but right now they are enjoying their two dogs: Kody and Courtney. (614) 538-9380 E-mail: JCNeal@ee.net.

Brian C. Guzik (c/o 89) (brother of Pat R. c/o 86) attended BAHS 7th, 8th, and 9th grades and graduated elsewhere. Graduated from Clemson U. in SC in 93 with a B. S. M. E. in Mechanical Engineering. He lives and works in SC as a mechanical engineer. He met Sarah Swartz in April 96 and married her in Sept 96. She's a native of MA and graduate of Denison U. in 95. Some BAHS folks at their wedding include: David Horner (c/o 89) and Leigh Ann Nakai (c/o 88). Right now they're travelling and enjoying their new house. E-mail: imtheguz@aol.com or FTJfans@aol.com.

Brian Webb (c/o 89) attended BAHS 7th-10th. He is currently in Columbus, OH. E-mail: BriKim2@aol.com.

Candice Howard (c/o 89) (sister of Tim Howard c/o 94) graduated from OK U in May 98 with a B. A. in History and will attend the U of Central OK in the fall of 98 to begin her teacher's certification work and an M. A. in History. Her e-mail will be changing in Aug. as a result of the move. She's still looking for Mr. Right , but she has a beagle named Boomer who she says treats her better than any man, so far. E-mail: candice1@swbell.net.

Carolyn Donelson ??? (c/o 89) is married and lives in TX.

Carroll Pearson (c/o 89-originally 90) (sister of Robin c/o 89) lives in Columbus, GA.

Christopher "Chris" Jillson (c/o 89) lives in Baltimore, MD where he is in medical school. (410) 744-2436 or (410) 788-9227.

Christopher "Chris" Marvin (c/o 89) (brother of Carl c/o 87 and Dusty c/o 88) lives in San Jose, CA and is moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 98. He JUST got married in June 98 in Maui, HI with Rob Ahrens (BAHS c/o 87) as his best man. They're postponing their honeymoon to go to Oktoberfest in Munich in September (Gee, I thought HI sounded pretty good!) His wife, Victoria, is a clinical Psychologist. E-mail: curiouscm@aol.com.

Christina "Tina" Yurick Wayne (c/o 89) graduated H.S. in San Angelo, TX then traveled Europe for the summer and returned to Dallas to attend Junior College. She joined the AF to become a Chinese linguist who was stationed in HI and is at the Defense Lang. Institute in Monterrey, CA continuing her study of Mandarin Chinese-she'll graduate Feb. 99. Her husband works for the SPCA, and they have three big dogs for "children". E-mail: cawayne@hotmail.com.

Christy Davis Delcastillo (c/o 89) (sister of Angela Davis c/o 94) left Berlin after graduation to go to NY, but she is now married to her original high school sweetheart, Johnny (from her pre-Berlin H.S. days in FL). They have a daughter, Jessica, born in Dec. 93; and Christy's due with baby #2 in Dec. She's a hair-stylist at Fantastic Sams. E-mail:.

Cillia Batchelor Lang (c/o 89) (sister of Marty c/o 88) moved to Vinton, VA after H. S. graduation and earned a B. S. in Psychology in 95 from ??, and got married that same year. She's hoping to enter graduate school to earn her M. S. W. (master's in social work) They have no kids yet, just two dogs. E-mail: BATCH729@aol.com.

Cindy Thomas Brunett (c/o 89) married John, an S. P. she met in Berlin, in Nov 89. He's now a fireman and paramedic in Abilene, TX where they live with their two sons: John Jr., born in 93 and Justin Allen, born in the winter of 97.

David E. Horner, Jr. (c/o 89) E-mail: DHorner@smart.net.

Dietrich Knapp (c/o 89) (brother of Bethany c/o 91 and Meredith c/o 94, and Sarah Caldwell Knapp-an older sister who is a non-BAHS grad., and son of Mrs. Sharon Knapp-BAHS Spanish/English teacher) went to U of MD-Munich campus for 89-90 and then out to Seattle, WA with some others from BAHS including: Chris Stewart (c/o 90), Mason Sherry (c/o 87?) (and a few others I can't remember right now.), and he got into guitar making, (his mom says he's very good) but now he's back in Centerville, OH living with his parents. E-mail: Pimml90@aol.com.

Earl McDonald III (c/o 89) attended Joliet Junior College and lives in Dayton, OH. E-mail: earl3@mail2.theonramp.net.

Eldred Ramtahal (c/o 89) lives in Heidelberg, Germany and sees Robin Pearson Williams (BAHS c/o 89) regularly.

Eric Fitzpatrick (c/o 89) lives in Allston, MA. E-mail: Fitzy@ix.netcom.com.

Eunice Fitzsimmons Louthan (c/o 89) attended BAHS, graduated H.S. in Augsburg in 89, and graduated U. of MD in Munich in 91. She's an airman in the USAF. E-mail: louthane@vafb3.vafb.af.mil OR louthanj@impulse.net.

Gilbert Barrer (c/o 89) (cousin of Claudine Robinson) graduated from the A.F. Academy in 93 and is a Capt.

Greg Hall (c/o 89) (brother of Dan c/o 91 and Nicole c/o 92) graduated from Western MI U in Kalamazoo with a B. A. in French, German, and translation in 9?. He is a technology trainer for Kinko's copies for all of MI, parts of northern IN and Toronto.. E-mail: greg_hall@hotmail.com.

James Conway (c/o 89) lives in Odenton, MD. (410) 672-6783 or 6784.

Jason Potyk (c/o 89) (brother of Bryan c/o 87) left after freshman yr. He lives in Silver Spring, MD with his fiancee, Cheryl who he'll marry in July 99. He's in his last year of college at the U. of MD working on a B. A. in Secondary English Education and English. E-mail: Potyk@aol.com.

Jeffrey "Jeff" Wyatt (c/o 89) (brother of Casey c/o 92) moved to CO where he worked in various jobs before enlisting in the A. F. for four years. He was stationed in Germany and then ND, which is why he got out after four. He has a girlfriend of two years and lives in Jackson, MI where he works as an oral surgeon's technician. He's going back to school to pursue a career as a physician's assistant. E-mail at his sister's: cNicho1001@aol.com.

Jeanine Ozuna (c/o 89) lives in Killeen, TX along with a few other Berliners including: Angelica Cruz (c/o 90), Stacy Wade (c/o 89), Jerriod Wade (c/o 88) and Nicole Moist (c/o 89) (254) 699-3074 E-mail:.

Jennifer Fullerton Smit (c/o 89-early grad-dec.88) lived in Davis, CA. She now lives in Portland, OR and works as a counselor in a jail. She married a Dutch man on tax day-April 15, 1995. E-mail: Jene198@acq.net.

Jennifer M. Carter Shelton (c/o 89) (sister of Russell c/o 92 and Marianne c/o ??) attended BAHS 84-87 graduated elsewhere. She's married to a Army soldier stationed in Bosnia and is in Buedingen, Germany (close to Hanau) with her two sons, Khiry, 5 and Kyler, 16 months. She moved back to Germany in 94 and has visited Berlin various times. She is due to graduate in Oct. 98 with a B. A. in Business Management. They've got orders to Colorado Springs, CO in the summer of 99. Home E-mail: mshelton@pop3.main-kinzig.net or work e-mail: SheltonJ@104asgexch.hanau.army.mil.

John T. Bell (c/o 89) (brother of Sharon c/o 80 and Bob c/o 81) left in 85 and graduated H. S. in Millersville, MD.

John "Scott" Brady (c/o 89) graduated from ? KY where he met his wife. He's now pursuing an M. A. in Divinity at Princeton U and plans to enter into full time ministry upon graduating in May 2000. He lives with his wife and two children (Jonathan David, born in 96, and Emily Nicole, born in 98) in Princeton, NJ. E-mail: john.brady@ptsem.edu.

John Douglass (c/o 89) (brother of Paul c/o 86 and Clinton c/o 87) lives in Clemson, SC and has a floor covering business and girlfriend that keep him busy. He lives near his BAHS buddy Layne Gosnell (c/o 89) who has a family of his own.

Kara Talbot Still (c/o 89) (sister of Kurt c/o 94, Rachel, and Luke a.k.a. Lukey Dukey and daughter of our favorite Govt. teacher/StuCo sponsor Mrs. Fran Talbot! J ) married her college boyfriend, Ryan, (from U of Southeastern LA), and they have a son named Jake who's 3. Kara earned a degree in Public Relations and worked for a Real Estate Co.; the March of Dimes, a non-profit organization; an advetising company; and now she's back with non-profit at the American Heart Association as Acadeniana Area Director. Her husband is a high school art teacher, and her father-in-law is a photographer, so we expect pictures, Kara! (318) 948-6123 E-mail: Kara@DavisPartners.com.

Keri Lee Cutting (c/o 89) (sister of John Mike c/o 93) earned an MA in Occupation Therapy at Nova Southeastern in FL in May 98. She now lives in Jacksonville, FL and works at a sub-acute rehabilitation center. She's planning a trip to Berlin with Shellie Lamb (BAHS c/o 89) for her graduation present to herself. E-mail: cutting@hpd.acast.nova.edu or at her mom's: Ccutting@pahousegop.com.

Kevin "Boo Boo" Hanson (c/o 89) He went to a community college in Seattle, WA and went to Japan as an exchange student. He met his ex-fiancee in Japan, and she returned to Seattle with him where he earned an A. A. in history and then moved to Portland, OR for a year and learned to fly. He returned to Seattle, where he lived with his ex-fiancee for a year, but when she graduated and went to FL, he went to the U. of Alaska in Anchorage in 94 and earned a B. A. in history. He works for Polar Air Cargo as an airport terminal load master/supervisor. He's still single and playing soccer. E-mail: kth@anch.net.

Kimberly "Kim" Quigley (c/o 89) (sister of Jennifer c/o 88) left after sophomore year and moved to NJ where she met her husband, Steven Ferrara shortly after H. S. graduation. They married in 94 with Tomarah Lynn Mosconi (BAHS c/o 89) in the wedding (Kim was also in hers), and the couple moved to FL for two years and back to NJ where she works for MicroWarehouse as a trainer. She and Steven are putting having children on a pause while they just enjoy each other. She works with her sister, and the two are still very close. E-mail: kimmyq7@yahoo.com.

Lance Hamilton (c/o 89) lives in Arlington, VA. E-mail: Lance.Hamilton@anixter.com.

Layne M. Gosnell (c/o 89) (brother of David M. "Matt" c/o 90) lives with his wife and kids near Clemson, SC where his BAHS buddy John Douglass (c/o 89) lives also.

Linda Kump Simonsen (c/o 89) (sister of John "Jasper" c/o 87) lives in Titusville, FL with her husband, Curt, and two sons: Gabriel, born in July 95, and Joshua, born in Nov. 96. Curt is part owner of a German family restaurant called "Pumpernickle's". E-mail: Lsimon4@aol.com.

Lori Barnett Martin (c/o 89) (sister of Steve Barnett c/o 90 and Matt c/o 94) married John. She earned a B. A. in English literature and creative writing and hopes to be published soon. She lives in Beltsville, MD with John and two cats. (301) 931-0596 E-mail: lomartin@abs.net.

Michael "Mike" Haddock (c/o 89) (brother of Chris c/o 85 and Monique c/o 87) is married and lives in NY near his sister, Monique.

Michael "Mike" Spivey (c/o 89) went to UWF in Pensacola, FL and moved to Atlanta, GA. (404) 303-0281? E-mail: MSpivey@cdicorp.com.

Michelle "Shellie" E. Lamb (Lossa) (c/o 89) (sister of ? c/o 9? and Leslie -non BAHS- c/o 96) left Berlin after junior year to graduate H. S. in Seoul, Korea and college at the U of Jacksonville in FL where she roomed with Keri Cutting (BAHS c/o 89). She graduated in 93 with a degree in communications and moved to Hoboken, NJ where she works as Director of Special Events at Caldwell College. She also has a free lance special events company of her own: "Platimun Events" and is engaged to marry Pat Lossa in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands in May 99. Pat is a bond analyst at Bankers Trust in NY. E-mail: lambm@aol.com or at work: Mlamb@caldwell.edu.

Miguel Perez (c/o 89) lives in Seattle, WA with Mason Sherry (BAHS c/o 87) and Chris "Stewie" Stewart (BAHS c/o 90).

Natasha "Tasha" Bunnell (c/o 89) lives in Norfolk, VA and is very involved with drama at Old Dominion U. This summer she's at an acting "camp" in NY.

Patrick "Pat" Buchwald (c/o 89) joined the Army, went to Frankfurt as a combat medic, and went to the Persian Gulf war before leaving the Army in 93. He then earned an associate's in nursing and hopes to begin a B. S. N. in nursing in the fall of 98. Pat joined the National Guard in GA and is transferring to a flight unit where he will be a flight medic while he pursues a career in flight nursing in the civilian world. He misses Germany, because most of his relatives are still in Berlin. He's a bachelor living on the east coast of Savannah, GA. E-mail: p_buchwald@yahoo.com.

Peter "Pete" Johnson (c/o 89) finished H.S. in AZ and went to Texas A&M where he was in the corps of cadets and later went in to the Army. He married his college sweetheart, Shelley, in March 1996 (who graduated from MacArthur H.S. in San Antonio with Greg Munger (c/o 91). They live on Ft. Hood in Killeen, TX with their son, Ben, and two big dogs. (254) 690-2344 E-mail: baloo545@aol.com.

Robin C. Hewitt (c/o 89) (sister of Jenni c/o 85) left after 8th grade and moved with her parents to Columbus, GA where they still live. She graduated from the U. of GA in 93 and West VA U College of Law in 96. She works for the law firm Spilman, Thomas & Battle in Charleston, WV. E-mail: RHewitt@SpilmanLaw.com.

Robin Pearson Williams (c/o 89) (sister of Carroll c/o 89-originally 90) lives in Heidelberg, Germany and sees Eldred Ramtahal (BAHS c/o 89) regularly. E-mail: ILuvJesus@hotmail.%20com.

Sally Roche Lefaivre_________? (c/o 89) (sister of Carrie and Eric c/o 88, Leslie c/o 91, and A. Joe c/o 86) married her high school sweetheart, Randy Lefaivre (BAHS c/o 88), right after high school and had a son, Ryan. She has since remarried and hadanother baby boy named Jeffrey who starred in a commercial. She lives in Biloxi, MS along with her father and step-mom of seven years.

Shannon W. Cashwell (c/o 89) (sister of Matt c/o 90 and Patrece Cashwell c/o 87) was in Pensacola, FL at UWF, but she's now in Mobile, AL at the University of South AL (USA) getting a degree in counseling. She's engaged to be married in July '97.

Stephanie Carney (c/o 89) (sister of Charles Green c/o 90) is in the military.

Tanya Price (c/o 89) E-mail: Missgermany@hotmail.com.

Tey Carson Scott (c/o 89) went to college at U. NV-Reno where she lived for four or five years and graduated with a B. A. in Speech/Communication with a minor in Business Administration. Then she traveled around a bit and moved to Richmond, CA (near Berkeley), worked in San Francisco in Sales and Marketing, and married her husband, Andre, after two years of dating. They had a daughter, India Mikaela, in 96 and moved to Portland, OR near Andre's family. From there she is able to visit her family in Reno regularly. Tey worked in OR for Intel in the human resources office but disliked being one of 55,000 employees, so she went to work for Sequent- a smaller computer company started by Intel executives 15 years ago. She's a human resources analyst and is somehow able to be serious enough to work with the suits! Andre is a full time student and works at Barnes and Noble, so they are a busy bunch. (503) 281-7842 E-mail: Tey@sequent.com.

Thaddeus "Tadpole" Freeman (c/o 89) (brother of J. "Lisa" c/o 88, Thiron c/o 92, and Tredena c/o 93) is married and lived in the Norfolk, VA area as of 1996/7.

Tiffany Madden (c/o 89) (sister of Greg Madden c/o 91) moved to England after her junior year to graduate H.S, and in college pursued her interest in music and business. She managed the Kalamazoo city philharmonic orchestra in MI, and now she's the advertising director for the symphony Baltimore, MD. E-mail: Tmadden@baltimoresymphony.org.

Tomarah Lynn Mosconi Houston (c/o dec. 88-early graduation) is married and lives in Midlothian, VA (near Richmnond) with her husband, Daryl, and their two children: Tyler, born in 91, and Kayla, born in the spring of 98. She was in the wedding of Kim Quigley (BAHS c/o 89) in 94 and vice versa. Tomarah Lynn is in college majoring in Business Administration. E-mail:Tickle2@aol.com.

Travis Balaskovits (c/o 89) (brother of Becki c/o 85) left after 9th grade. He has a son who's 5 and lives in Colorado Springs, CO near his sister and parents.

Willie Robinson (c/o 89) was in the Navy for four years, but he got out and has lived with his wife and three kids in Charleston, SC soice 93. Willie's wife is still in the Navy, and they're moving to VA in Aug. 98. He has a girlfriend, don't worry, it's just his prized dog. He's in contact with Dexter Hawthorne, so I'm pursuing getting Dexter involved in this project! E-mail: WRobin4283@aol.com.

BAHS Class of 1990.

Andrew B. Feutz (c/o 90) (brother of Amy Feutz c/o 87) graduated from the U. of AZ with a B. A. in Business Administration in Aug. 94 and is a GS-9 contracting officer (spending your tax dollars buying for the base) on a Davis-Monthan A. F. B. in Tucson, AZ. He's thinking of moving to one of the bases in Europe. He married Jennifer Mayer (BAHS c/o 92) in Fredericksburg, TX in June 95 with several Berliners present including: Alex Burke (c/o 89), Ryan Burke (c/o 90), Kevin Inman (c/o 91), Thea Jung (c/o 90), Monica Heuer (c/o 92), Laura Lidner (c/o 92), and Greg Madden (c/o 91). Andrew met Jena in Berlin and ran Cross Country with him his Senior yr.; although they didn't dated in high school. They are enjoying their freedom for a while with no children. (520) 790-5980 E-mail: FeutzA@CONS355.af.mil.

Arthur "Art" Swanson (c/o 90) (brother of Adrienne Swanson c/o 88?) is working on an MA in mechanical engineering and works part-time for a co. called accident reconstruction analysis that investigates why accidents happen for court cases. His wife, Amy, is a loan officer at a credit union. Sadly, he'll miss the reunion in 97, finishing his degree this year, and his first anniversary with Amy; because his reserve unit is going to Bosnia from Aug-Mar. L . (919) 781-1593 E-mail: ASwanso@aol.com.

Benjamin "Ben" Carey (c/o 90) (brother of Mike c/o 86, Tom c/o 87, Ann Marie c/o 89, and a younger sister) married in the spring of 97, and his son, Alec, was born in Oct. 97. He installs computer systems and lives in the Columbus, OH area near his family. E-mail: BCarey1047@aol.com.

Brian Adams (c/o 90) followed his high school sweetheart, Jennifer French (BAHS c/o 90), to Sam Houston University in TX and married her. They still live in TX. E-mail:.

Catherine "Cat" Curry Jarret (c/o 90) E-mail: klynn@ttu.edu.

Catheryn "Alex" Y. Hamilton Licht (c/o 90) lives in Tulsa, OK with her two children Miles, 8, and Marylin, 5. She started school to be a Medical Assistant, but currently she is working. In July 98 she had baby #3, a girl: Abigail Elizabeth. E-mail: revsgirl71@aol.com.

Charles Green, Jr. (c/o 90) (brother of Stephanie Carney c/o 89) is married, has a daughter, and is in the military.

Christopher "Chris" Alford (c/o 90) enlisted in the Army after a few semesters in college. He was stationed in TX and is an M. P. in Korea now. He's studying Political Science.

Dana R. Carpenter (c/o 90) earned a B. A. in Interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in Adolescent Behavior and counseling from the U. of South Carolina and then earned a Master's in Theology and is in doctoral studies. He still loves music, only now he sings Christian contemporary songs. He works on a local television Christian music show, is an assistant pastor, and teaches a seminary class. He lives in Branson, MO with his wife, Carol. (816) 453-0991? E-mail: praisewarrior@hotmail.com.

David Burdette (c/o 90) (brother of Joy Campolo c/o 88) lives in Baltimore, MD, but he came to Dan & Jenn Col-n's (BAHS c/o 88 & 90) wedding in FL in Dec. 1991. He works as a clothing design/import manager and waits tables part-time, but his main hobby is producing rave parties in Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and Canada. He meditates, practices Yoga, and of course, he still skates. (410) 836-8978 Dave is moving to Encinitas, CA to study clinical nutrition. For now, he can be reached through his sister.

David "Big Red Dog" A. Clifford (c/o 90) stayed in Germany until the summer of 94 while he earned an A. A. in general studies from the U of MD, Augsburg and worked in Berlin during the summers. His last year there, he worked full time for Army Community Services as a Big Brother and attended college. He lived with his father and step mother in Berlin, but he moved to Philadelphia, PA with his mother and worked a year and a half as a life guard. In Jan 95 he left for Navy bootcamp and is still in as a cook/chef. In the summer of 98 he began studies at Old Dominion U part-time and works nights. E-mail: Dclif001@odu.edu.

Derek Manning (c/o 90) (brother of Cathy c/o 86 and Michelle c/o 88) graduated with a B. A. in history from the U od CO in 96 and works as a park ranger and historian with the National Parks Service in MI.

Donna Reilley (c/o 90) (sister of Christine Reilley c/o 87) went to the wedding of Lisa Brown Applegate (BAHS c/o 90), but is not married herself. She lives in Spokane, WA, is in school for a B. A. in Speech Pathology at Eastern WA University, works full-time at a credit union in the accounting department, and travels like crazy. She still visits her close friend Catherine "Alex" Hamilton (BAHS c/o 90) (first in CA, now in OK). E-mail: DonnaR72@aol.com.

Erik Caldwell (c/o 90) graduated from West Point last year and was on his way to Fort Bragg, but I don't know what he's doing now (besides serving his country, obviously!).

Erik Reed (c/o 90) is in the A. F. stationed in LA. In 96 he was engaged to be married.

Erin M. Fitch (c/o 90) (sister of Sara c/o 86) E-mail: EFitch@ctel.net.

Heidi Sackett Williams (c/o 90) left after sophomore year. She married a military man and has two children. She manages a blockbuster video store in Pinellas Park, FL.

Garrick "Gary" Hipskind (c/o 90) (brother of Denise c/o 89, Kevin c/o 92, and Brian c/o 94) is an E-6 in the Army often on TDY to Panama where he met his wife, Marie. He is due to be stationed in GA soon. E-mail: GHipskind@hotmail.com.

George O. Worthington (c/o 90) graduated from UCF in Orlando, FL and moved to Seattle, WA where he is a software tester for Microsoft. He has a personal web site and a BAHS Alumni register. (206) 783-1638 E-mail: GeorgeW@pacaccess.com.

Iwalani Pecquer (c/o 90) (sister of Jennifer c/o 94) works in a bank in Colorado Springs, CO.

James "Jimmy" Carnes (c/o 90) lives in Lancaster, CA after an enlistment in the army as an M. P. He's waiting for a class date to begin training for the California Highway Patrol in the K-9 field in a specialty section. He's single (with no children) and has taken up a new hobby at the beach: surfing. (805) 946-1165 E-mail: JimmyCarnes@hotmail.com or shaniece@rocketmail.com.

James McCorquodale (c/o 90) is single and is a nurse living in Providence, RI.

James "Fro" Williamson (c/o 90) was also in MD a while back (fall '91) training as some kind of high paid mechanic. In 96 he went to FL for the wedding of Joy Campolo Turner (BAHS c/o 88) and now lives in CA.

James "JJ" Norris, Jr (c/o 90) (brother of Jennifer c/o 88 and Rebekah c/o 93) is married, has a daughter, and lives in MS.

James "Jim" Perry (c/o 90) married Mary Houston (BAHS c/o 87) and lives in Cocoa Beach, FL. He's the director of operations at the Orlando Marine Institute and is working on an M. A. in sociology. They have no kids yet and are enjoying the surf. E-mail: Calvin8409@mindspring.com.

James Tabor (c/o 90) (brother of Darla c/o 88) lived in Pensacola, FL before getting married in 93 and enlisting in the A. F. in 94 and having a son, James Andres "Drew" Tabor, III in Nov. 94. He got out of the A. F. after his enlistment in 97 and works for Fulton County, GA. He lives near his parents and sister. E-mail: JTabor5740@aol.com.

Jennifer R. Allen Colón (c/o 90) (sister of Tim Allen c/o 94) married her high school sweetheart, Danny (BAHS c/o 88), in Dec. 91, earned B. A.'s in Broadcast Journalism, French, and Spanish in April 94 from the U. of West Florida in Pensacola and an MA in Spanish in May 98 from CSUS or "Sac-State" in CA. She's a high school foreign language teacher and track coach who travels to a different Spanish speaking country every summer for two months (Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Peru) and loves her job (thank God for June, July, and August). She lives in Gulf Breeze, FL. (850) 934-1491 E-mail: DJColon@baycomm.net.

Jennifer S. Brocious-Hubler (c/o 90) left after 8th grade. She lives in Andrews A. F. B., MD with her husband, Ron, and is self-employed. Ron is in the A. F. and was stationed in Berlin for two years ending when they closed it down. Jennifer worked as a local national at Tempelhof Central Airport with the Base Supply. E-mail: Rob@dcsol.com.

Jennifer French Adams (c/o 90) (sister of Jeff c/o 8?-non BAHS- Christina "Cricki" c/o 93, Carrie c/o 9?, and K. c/o 201? And daughter of BAHS secretary Mrs. Debbie French) went to Sam Houston University in TX and married Brian Adams (BAHS c/o 90) the couple lives in Texas.

Jodie C. Thompson (c/o 90) (sister of Robbie c/o 93) left Berlin after Sophomore year to graduate H.S. in NM and stayed there (NMSU) to get a BA in international business and minor in German. She moved to Austin, TX before Christmas '96 to work for some big Co. like Warner bros. I believe. At her parent's in Alamogordo, NM: (505) 437-9220.

John Christpher "Chris" Salas (c/o 90) E-mail: SalasJ@436MG.Dover.AF.mil.

John "Gannon" Beck (c/o 90) (brother of Denny c/o 8?-non BAHS- Cam c/o 91) was in the Marines stationed in Japan when he met his wife, Wanda who was in the Navy. When he got out, he earned an A. A. in Graphic Design while he was in HI. He lives in the Washington D. C. area with his wife and several cats and works as a web developer in Herndon, VA. (703) 753-7871 E-mail: GannonB@earthlink.net.

Joseph "Joe" Broadman (c/o 90) lives in Orlando, FL and works in electrical lighting for productions (concerts). He just bought his first home.

Katrina Wilkie (c/o 90) went to the wedding of Lisa Brown Applegate (BAHS c/o 90). She graduated from a UNC with a BA in Early Childhood Education and teaches elementary school in Charlotte, NC. She's planning on returning to school-most likely to get an M. A. in Child Psychology.

Kimberly "Kimm" Sullivan (c/o 90) (sister of Krissy c/o 94) graduated from Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, FL; and as of the spring of Ô95 was hoping to get into medical school.

Kristopher "Kris" "Stewie" "Stu" Stewart (c/o 90) (brother of Kirsten c/o 9? & Kim c/o 9?) was in Seattle, WA with a few other Berliners, but he's getting ready to move into a house in Bend, OR. He buys and sells art for a living and visits his parents every few years in Germany. (541) 543-3757 E-mail: Opopal22@aol.com.

Lisa Brown-Applegate (c/o 90) moved to Belgium after sophomore yr. Her best friend from there married an A. F. guy and moved to LA, and while Lisa was in college in VA (she got a BS in Psychology), she visited the friend in LA and got engaged to one of the friend's hubby's buddies, Alex. They are now married and had a son in Dec. 95 named Nikolas "Nik". Lisa is an aerobics instructor in San Antonio, TX. E-mail: lisalex95@earthlink.com.

Matthew "Matt" J. Cashwell (c/o 90) (brother of Shannon c/o 89 and Patrece c/o 87) started college in Pensacola, FL (University of West Florida) but got into the Army and went to Korea for two years. Now he's in Mobile, AL at the University of South AL (USA) studying to be a Paramedic and enter P.A. school.

Michelle Estes (c/o 90) left after ? yr. she graduated from Southwest TX U along with Michelle Tuell (BAHS c/o 91).

Michelle Flores ?? (c/o 90) (sister of Mike c/o 88) lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and three or four children.

Michelle Fowler Lucas (c/o 90) (sister of Mike c/o 91 and Mark c/o 94) stayed in Berlin a year after graduation and met her sweetheart from Berlin, B. "Luke", whom she married (whose supervisor was Michelle's dad!!) with Danelle McMurray Schmidt (BAHS c/o 91) as her maid of honor and Heidi Sackett Williams (BAHS c/o 90) present in July 92 in GA. She moved to MD for three years then England for three years where she had a son, Justin, in Jan. 96. She has moved back home to Ft. Gordon, GA and hopes to stay there for a long while and have another baby coming soon. E-mail: MLucas686@aol.com.

Mikhael Weitzel (c/o 90) (brother of Daniel c/o 94) started at UCF in Orlando, spent 5 years in the Marine Corps, married, and then got out of the Marines and his marriage. He lives in Shreveport, LA with his two daughters where he is a deputy sheriff. E-mail: Lawman@Softdisk.com.

Nicole Bradley (c/o 90) lives in Severna Park, MD. Her parent's #: (410) 544-8621. Boyfriend: (301) 620-2662.

Nicole "Nikki" Horn Ohl (c/o 90) her first husband died tragically, but she is happily remarried and lives in Gulfport, MS with her husband, Jay, and 3 year old son named Zachary. She works on one of the riverboats in Biloxi. E-mail:.

Rebecca "Becca" Peters ?? (c/o 90) (sister of Mike c/o 87) left after 7th grade and graduated elsewhere. She married in 97.

Robin Armstrong Beamish (c/o 90) (sister of Keith c/o 91) left after her Jr. yr. to graduate H. S. in Ft. Lewis, WA. She then went to the U. of Southern Mississippi where she was a member of Delta Zeta sorority, met her husband, and graduated with a B. S. in Business Administration in 9?. The couple lives in GA. (707) E-mail: beamdawn@aol.com.

Ryan Burke (c/o 90) lives in North Conway, NH. E-mail: bertmish@landmarknet.net or Ryanburke@landmarknet.net.

Scott Swan (c/o 90) attended BAHS his senior year after being in NM. He's now in Radcliff, KY. E-mail: Xolotl1@aol.com.

Sean Moist (c/o 90) (brother of Stacy c/o 89 and Nicole c/o 89) had Sean Jr. with Stacie Freeman Moist (BAHS c/o 90) and didn't finish up with us, but he married her and had another child with her. They have since divorced.

Shelly Watts-Dognazzi (c/o 90-graduated early, was c/o 91 originally) graduated from the U. of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, where she joined Pi Beta Phi Sorority, with a BS in Criminal Justice. She now works as a Senior Research Administrator for an Investment Brokerage Firm and lives in Boston, MA with her husband, Joe, who is student at Northeastern University studying Electrical Engineering. She started an MBA at the U of Massachusetts but put that on hold to have her baby, Elizabeth Marie, in the spring of 98. E-mail: SWD72@aol.com.

Sonia Pepoy (c/o 90) (sister of Nina c/o 90 and daughter of Mr. George W. Pepoy, P.E. teacher at BAHS and Head Football coach) lives in Bedford, PA. (814) 623-7085 E-mail: Sonia@bedford.net.

Stacie Freeman Moist (c/o 90) didn't finish up with us, but she had Sean Jr. and married Sean Moist (BAHS c/o 90) they had another child together and divorced. Stacie was living with a sister in PA.

Stephanie Mabe Simmons (c/o 90) (sister of Lacie c/o 89 early grad-dec. 88) lives in MS with her husband. E-mail: Dbltrbl106@aol.com.

Steve Barnett (c/o 90) (brother of Lori c/o 89 and Matt c/o 94) graduated from Arundel H. S. in MD and then the U of MD with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Moved to Atlanta, GA in May 98 to reestablish a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Michelle Tuell (BAHS c/o 91). They are in love, living together, and talking marriage. (404) 843-8756 E-mail: StevenJamesBarnett@yahoo.com.

Tammy Dunham (JFK c/o 90) went to BAHS for 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, JFK to graduate H. S., and college in PA. She lives in Cortland, NY.

U. Patrick "Pat" James (c/o 90) is visiting his parents, Marshall Todd (BAHS c/o 88) and Michelle Fowler (BAHS c/o 90) in Atlanta, GA in July 98 -we hope to find him and his bio soon.

Valarie Roach (c/o 90) (sister of Aaron c/o 91, Jarvis c/o 93, Jessica c/o 2000, and Hannah c/o 03) attended Goshen College in Indiana and graduated with a B. S. N. in 1995. She lives in Akron, OH with a roommate from college and her prized/schizo cats and works in a small hospital. E-mail: eiralav-roch@worldnet.net.

Wendy Stiver (c/o 90) (sister of Amy c/o 88 and Jennifer c/o 93) is in Stuttgart, Germany in the Air Force finishing a 5 year enlistment. Lucky dog, she's been back to Berlin twice on TDY's! She stayed in the American Embassy Guest Housing (the BB stairwell apartments across from BAHS!) She'll be returning to the U. S. in July 97 and returning to college at Wright State University - that's assuming she doesn't get that job in Abu Dhabi, AEU. (She started college at OH State U with a major in aeronautical engineering). E-mail (at her sister Amy's): HGKG26B@prodigy.com or s001whs@discover.wright.edu or 101641.2610@compuserve.com.

BAHS Class of 1991.

Aaron Roach (c/o 91) (brother of Valarie c/o 90, Jarvis c/o 93, Jessica c/o 2000, and Hannah c/o 03) married his sister's oldest friend from Naples, Italy: Joanna and has two girls: Katie and Meagan. Naz Bahari (BAHS c/o 92) was his best man. He spent some time in the Marines in Southern CA and lives in the Seattle, WA area now.

Bethany R. Knapp (c/o 91) (sister of Meredith c/o 94 and Dietrich c/o 89, an older sister who is a non-BAHS grad., and daughter of Mrs. Sharon Knapp-BAHS Spanish teacher) graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1995 with a BS in Applied Mathematics/Operations Research, worked in the D.C. area for Price Waterhouse (a big 6 accounting firm) She is not an accountant-but a "business consultant". Last year she spent most of the year working in the Chicago area. In the fall of 98 she's going to start school at the U of California, Irvine for a PhD in Mathematical Behavioral Science. She, Kim Vroom (c/o 91), and Kathleen Hildenbrand (BAHS c/o 91) had a mini-reunion in April 97 in San Francisco, CA.

Britta DeVries (c/o 91) (sister of Erika c/o 88) left after sophomore year to attend a boarding school in southern CA which went bankrupt her senior year as her father's company did at the same time. Unable to return to Berlin, she finished H. S. at West Valley Community College in Saratoga, CA. She also played in an all girl punk band: "red#9" and organized concerts for local bands including Green Day, Samlam, and Blink 182. She graduated San Jose State U with a B. A. in fine art and art education and returns to school in Jan 99 to earn a teaching credential. She lives with her English boyfriend, Greg Vigurs, and her kitty in San Jose, CA. Greg is a photographer who hopes to start graduate school soon, so Britta will be moving with him. E-mail: Britta@pacbell.net.

Bruce E. Sora, Jr. (c/o 91) (brother of Adrian c/o 92 and Eunice c/o 94) attended the U of AL in Birmingham and transferred to Central Texas College in Killeen, TX. He was stationed in HI and then the Pentagon and is now at Kadena Air Base, Japan as a SrA in the Air Force. E-mail: Bruce.Sora@kadena.af.mil.

Carissa "Cari" Compte (c/o 91) attended Frostburg State U in MD, joined Alpha Sigma Tau, and graduated in 95 with a degree in ??. She lives in Germantown, MD. E-mail: c2mxcomt@fre.fsu.umd.edu.

Christopher "Chris" Smith (c/o 91) according to his mother is in SC (or NC?), Chris married the summer of 1997. E-mail: RobG@skybest.com.

Damara Stephenson Simmons (c/o 91) (sister of Chellie c/o 93 and Kerri c/o 95) graduated from BYU in 95 and married that summer. E-mail:.

Daniel "Dan" Hall (c/o 91) (brother of Greg Hall c/o 89 and Nicole c/o 92) graduated from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI with a B. A. in Psychology and French. He is in the Navy serving as a sonar technician on the USS Oklahoma City out of Los Angeles, CA on a nuclear submarine.

Danelle McMurray Schmidt (c/o 91) (sister of Shannon c/o 94) lives in a small town called Tobias, Nebraska with her husband, Mark, she married in Oct. 97 and their daughter, Chesney Rae, born in Feb. 98. Mark has a B. S. in Business from the U of NB, Lincoln and works with swine genetics. She's in law enforcement and says she's happy and couldn't have it much better. E-mail: DanelleMc@hotmail.com.

Derek Marston (c/o 91) deceased 7/98 along with his girlfriend in a camping tragedy in NC.

Erika Oetjen-Gerdes Vap (c/o 91) left after her Jr. yr. and graduated from Heidelberg AHS. She's married and lives outside Washington, D. C.

Ginger Smith (c/o 91) (sister of Christy Smith c/o 93) graduated H.S. in Ansbach, started college in Pensacola (UWF) she left for NY briefly but returned to P'cola to graduate in April 1997 with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She is teaching kindergarten at Lecanto Primary School in Crystal River, Citrus County, FL where she lives with her numerous pets. This is her second year (98/99 sy) teaching, and she's on the year-round schedule -45 days on 15 off -she says she likes it so far. (352) 753-1719 E-mail: soccer@sunco.com.

Gregory "Greg" P. Johnson (c/o 91) E-mail: marinus@sundial.net.

Gregory "Greg" Madden (c/o 91) (brother of Tiffany Madden c/o 89) left Berlin after Freshman year, spent two years in Lakenheath, England, and graduate H.S. in CO. He went to the CO. school of mines and earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He married his high school sweetheart from CO, Michelle McAsey. Andrew Feutz BAHS c/o 90 was his best man (and vice versa). The couple lives in Des Moines, IA with their miniature pinscher puppy where he's a technical salesman for chemicals used in water treatment in the industrial market. E-mail: GMadden@webtv.net.

Gregory "Greg" Munger (c/o 91) (brother of April c/o 87) left and graduated from MacArthur H. S. in San Antonio, TX with the wife of Pete Johnson (BAHS c/o 89). He lives in Telluride, CO where he makes custom and log houses. He is a real "mountain man" who enjoys snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, and anything else outdoors.

Ivan Aguigui (c/o 91) (brother of Jeannie c/o 92) is in the A. F. stationed at McClellan AFB, Sacramento, CA. (916) 924-9916. (oops, just got disconnected -working on getting a new contact.).

Jamie Favati Brotemarkle (c/o 91) (sister of ??) graduated from GA Southern in 95 with a degree in ?? and began teaching middle school. She married her college sweetheart who is also a teacher, and they live in midtown Atlanta, GA. (404) 607-0723. E-mail: rjbro@aol.com.

Kathleen Hildenbrand (c/o 91) (daughter of Mr. Adam Hildenbrand, favorite Algebra teacher/bee keeper! J ) graduated from Miami University in OH in 1995 with a degree in English, moved to San Francisco, works for Business Wire, and studies message therapy. She had an internship with a local magazine.

Kevin Inman (c/o 91) (brother of W. Paul c/o 88) lives in HI with his wife. E-mail: knightjian@aol.com.

Kimberly "Kim" Vroom (c/o 91) (sister of Jennifer c/o 94) moved in NC in Junior year for H.S., then graduated from Appalachian State University in NC in 1995 with a degree in (we believe) middle school education?? and is teaching middle school in Greensboro, NC. She also works part time as a bartender.

Lawrence "Larry" Bentz (c/o 91) graduated from the University of Dayton (OH). He now lives and works in IN. He and Ryan Dillon (BAHS c/o 91) where in the wedding of Chris Smith (BAHS c/o 91) this summer.

Leslie Roche________? (c/o 91) (sister of Carrie and Eric c/o 88, Sally c/o 89, and A. Joe c/o 86) has been married for 3 years, has a daughter named Mariah, works part-time for Southwest Airlines, and will graduate with an R.N. in December 97. She keeps in touch with the Binghams (Shawn and Shannon) and the Warrens (John and Whitney), so we are working on getting info on them.

Manuel "Manny" Col-n (c/o 91) married Jeannie Aguigui (BAHS c/o 92) and is stationed at Scoffield Army Base in HI.

Michael "Mike" Fowler (c/o 91) (brother of Michelle c/o 90 and Mark c/o 94) graduated college and works as a printing and graphics designer in Augusta, GA. In January 99 he's moving to TX where he'll live with his soon-to-be wife.

Michelle R. Tuell (BAHS c/o 91) left after her sophomore yr. and went to college at Southwest TX U where she earned a B. A. in public relations and journalism. She lives and works in Atlanta, GA for Duffey Communications (a P. R. firm) as an account coordinator and is living with her high school sweetheart Steve Barnett (BAHS c/o 90). She went to college with Michelle Estes (BAHS c/o 90). Hm: (404) 843-8756 or Wk: (404) 266 ext. 253 E-mail: MichelleT@Duffey.com.

Richard "Richie" Rodriguez (c/o 91) (brother of Melvin c/o 87 and Marlon c/o 90) trained in the Coast Guard in Ft. Gordon, GA in the spring of 98, but he lives in FL, is still single, and manages a store there.

Ryan Dillon (c/o 91) (brother of Kelly c/o 92) He and Larry Bentz(BAHS c/o 91) where in the wedding of Chris Smith (BAHS c/o 91) this summer. Ryan is in the Army stationed in N.C.

Shawn Ferguson (c/o 91) has a baby girl and lives in MD.

Taiulu "J. T." Titialii (c/o 91) (brother of Fred c/o 94) attended Central Texas College in Killeen, but now lives in WA.

Tonia McCrea (c/o 91) lives in Hephzibah, GA. E-mail: Playatress@webtv.net.

Tony Simms (c/o 91) (brother of John c/o 92 and Zartilia c/o 93) is married and lives in MD. (301) 248-7976?.

Wendy Nix (c/o 91) (sister of Kim c/o 92, Duane c/o 95, and Kristina c/o 97) attended St. Andrews Pres. College in NC for a year and transferred to the U. of Montevallo in AL. She joined Delta Gamma and the women's soccer team and graduated in 95 with a B. A. in mass communication with a minor in German. She works for the Condor Corporation and lives in Hoover, AL, but frequently visits her parents and sister in HI. She's working toward an M. B. A. in Business Marketing. E-mail (at Kristina's in HI): krisn12@aol.com OR Nixde@aol.com OR her work place in AL: Bbrimer@bham.net.

Whitney Warren Sip (c/o 91) married her college sweetheart, Michael, in Dec. 96 after earning a MA in Elementary Education specializing in middle school mathematics in 96 from UF. They still live in Gainesville, FL. Michael is a Dental student, and they had a baby in May 98, Alexander Michael. Whitney teaches seventh grade math. (352) 373-8234 E-mail: m_sip@hotmail.com.

BAHS Class of 1992.

Adrian Sora (c/o 92) (brother of Bruce c/o 91 and Eunice c/o 94) left after Bruce graduated and moved to Killeen, TX where he graduated H. S. He then graduated from Texas A & M in Kingsville with a B. A. in Marketing in Dec. 97. He lives and works in Killeen.

Amy Conn Robles (c/o 92) left after 8th grade. She graduated H. S. in Ft. Irwin, CA. She has since lived in many different places and married Fabio. He's in the A. F. as a Security Policeman (S. P.). Right now she's at Edwards A. F. B., CA. She has two dogs. E-mail: amers74@aol.com or at Casey Nicholas': Cnicho1001@aol.com.

Rebecca "Becky" Marrant Allen (c/o 92) married an Army man named Kent, and they were stationed in TN with their daughter. Kent got out of the Army, and they settled in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

Casey Wyatt Nicholas (c/o 92) (sister of Jeff c/o 89) graduated H. S. in Highlands Ranch, CO, and moved to Leesburg, VA where she became a volunteer fire fighter in 93 and met her husband, Ron. He is a professional and volunteer fire fighter. They had their first child in Feb. 98: a boy named Colton. Casey is a full time gymnastics coach. E-mail: cnicho1001@aol.com.

David Speare (c/o 92) married Terri Garr (BAHS c/o 92) The couple lives in FL with their daughter Olivia, but they are moving to TX soon.

Edward Melo (c/o 92) E-mail: Edward.Melo@ey.com.

Eric John (c/o 92) (bother of Mandy c/o 94) E-mail: hol_9000@hotmail.com or Hal 9000@hotmail.com.

Erin Stieler (c/o 92) (sister of Nathan c/o 94 and Elizabeth c/o 96) E-mail: Stieleer@uusc.edu.

George Baccera (c/o 92) is in the Army and married since about 94.

Jacqueline "Jacque" Wilson (c/o 92) E-mail: owen@apsu.ed.

Jeannie Q. R. Aguigui Colô n (c/o 92) (sister of Ivan Aguigui c/o 91) married Manuel Colô n (BAHS c/o 91) who is stationed at Scoffield Army Base in HI.

Jennifer "Jena" Mayer Feutz (c/o 92) married Andrew Feutz (BAHS c/o 90) in June 95. (They didn't date in high school, and we're not sure when they made the connection, but we're happy to see Berliners sticking together J .) Several Berliners were at their wedding in Fredericksburg, TX including: Alex Burke (c/o 89), Ryan Burke (c/o 90), Kevin Inman (c/o 91), Thea Jung (c/o 90) and Greg Madden (c/o 91). She graduated from the U. of AZ with a B. A. in Deaf Studies in Dec. 96 and works as n Educational Sign Language Interpreter at an elementary school. She loves her job. The couple lives in Tucson, AZ; and they are enjoying their freedom for a while with no children. (520) 790-5980 Andrew's work e-mail: FeutzA@CONS355.dm.af.mil.

John "Little John" Simms (c/o 92) (brother of Tony c/o 91 and Zartilia c/o 93) is in the Army and married.

"Kate" P. Kidder (c/o 92) E-mail: KPKidde@um.sc.edu.

Kelly Dillon (c/o 92) (sister of Ryan c/o 91) lives in Denver, CO.

Khali Robinson (c/o 92) is in the A. F. stationed in LA.

Kimberly "Kim" Nix Reid (c/o 92) (sister of Wendy c/o 91, Duane c/o 95, and Kristina 97) graduated from the University of Montevallo in AL (where she was a cheerleader and member of Delta Gamma) with a B. S. in Business Management. She began dating her husband, Mike who is a chemistry lab assistant, as a sophomore there, and they married in Sept. 98. E-mail: Nixde@aol.com.

Leanne Emerson (c/o 92) (sister of Ken c/o 89) E-mail: LeeBee28@aol.com.

Laura Lidner (c/o 92) (sister of Todd c/o 95) E-mail at her brother's: todd.l@mail.utexas.edu.

Lynette Geimer Odell Payne (c/o 92) married Timothy and lives in Springfield, MS.

Marini Singh (c/o 92) (sister of Jesse c/o 92) attended BAHS through sophomore year and graduated elsewhere. She joined the A. F. and was stationed in AZ, but she now lives in Honolulu, HI. E-mail: sirpale@lava.net.

Michele Heuer (c/o 92) (twin sister of Monica Heuer c/o 92) graduated from Rutgers in NJ in 96 and from Johns Hopkins in 97 with an M. A. in health sciences. She lives in Baltimore, MD. (410) 285-7827?.

Michelle "Chellie" Stephenson Evans (c/o 92) (sister of Damara c/o 91 and Kerri c/o 95) graduated BYU in 96 and married in the late summer of 95. She has two sons: Colt born in 96 and Kyle born in 97.

Monica A. Heuer (c/o 92) (twin sister of Michelle Heuer c/o 92) graduated from Princeton in 96 with a degree in sociology and Johns Hopkins in 97. She is living in Baltimore, MD. (410) 285-7827? E-mail: MAHeuer@erols.com.

Nazri Bahari (c/o 92) (son of Mrs. Bahari, Business teacher) was best man in the wedding of Aaron Roach (BAHS c/o 91). E-mail: Puck-eater@bb.urbanite.com.

Nicole Clayton (c/o 92) was living in Houston, TX with her military boyfriend, but when he was stationed somewhere else, she couldn't accompany him and moved somewhere else herself. (281) 335-1162 or 480-3516?.

Nicole Hall (c/o 92) (sister of Greg c/o 89 and Dan c/o 91) lived in London, and Kathleen Hildenbrand (BAHS c/o 91) visited her and went to her sister's graduation in Sicily. Nicole graduated from the American College in London in Graphic Design and is attending St. Mary's College, Durham U in England studying French, German, and Philosophy.

Russell Carter (c/o 92) (brother of Jennifer c/o 89 and Marianne c/o ?) attended BAHS 84-87, graduated from Highland H.S. in Albuquerque, MN. He still lives there with his wife and serves on the Albuquerque Police Force.

Stacy Neuman (c/o 92) (sister of Kevin c/o 93) graduated from Winthrop University in SC with a degree in Journalism and earned a Master's at Syracuse . She lives in Fayetteville, NC and work on a local television news program. E-mail: StNeuman@aol.com.

Tonya Sheets Wukelits (c/o 92) joined the A. F. and married John. They were stationed in NC and then CA. She works in Air Traffic Control.

Vaughn Cameron "Cam" Beck (c/o 92) (brother of Denny c/o 8?-non BAHS- John "Gannon" c/o 90) trained for a year with the Marines and is still a reserve SGT. He's lived in SC, CA, MS, PA, HI, PA again and finally TX. He attended Penn State U. and is saving money to finish his college education. He lives in Fort Worth, TX where he works for Laser Graphics Arlington. (817) 861-5983 E-mail: wd40@swbell.net.

BAHS Class of 1993.

Christina "Dawn" Poteet (c/o 93) (sister of Tina c/o 88) left after 6th grade. She lives in Dunwoody, GA. E-mail: CDPoteet@hotmail.com.

Christine Eger (c/o 93) attended BAHS from 8th grade until graduation. E-mail: jpgullage@aol.com.

Christine "Christy" Smith (c/o 93) (sister of Ginger Smith BAHS c/o 91) graduated H.S. in Ansbach, went to college at UWF in Pensacola, FL and graduated with her sister. Christy earned a BA in International Studies with a minor in Business. She works for a rental car company in Pinellas County, Florida.

Christopher "Chris" Slocum (c/o 93) stayed in Berlin a year after graduation and returned to UT where he met his wife. He worked briefly as a forest ranger in WI and again returned to UT.

Deborah "Debbie" Zoe Ben-Maor (c/o 93) attended BAHS her 7th grade year. She lives in Fort Walton Beach, FL as a student of radiology. She hopes to graduate in 2000. E-mail: DBenMaor@netscape.net.

Eddie Nunn, Jr. (c/o 93) (brother of Kelly c/o 95) graduated from UWF in April 97 and lives near Pensacola, FL in Navarre. He has taken a management position with Ruby Tuesday's (a restaurant chain) and is moving to Daphne, AL at the end of June 98. He's also engaged to marry his college sweetheart, Stacie, in Feb.99. E-mail: EdNunn@worlnet.att.net.

Erik Simper (c/o 93) E-mail: nukemann@webtv.net.

Jarvis Roach (c/o 93) (brother of Valarie c/o 90, Aaron c/o 91, Jessica c/o 2000, and Hannah c/o03) is marrying Kelly in MI June 98. They are expecting their first child in Nov. or Dec. 98. He will graduate in Dec. 98 with a B. S. in computer science.

John M. Cutting (c/o 93) (brother of Keri Lee c/o 89) E-mail at his mom's: Ccutting@pahousegop.com.

Kevin Neuman (c/o 93) (brother of Stacy c/o 92) graduated UWF with a B.A. in Psychology in 97 and that summer was commissioned in the Army as a signal officer. He's a 2Lt. stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC with the Airborne. E-mail: KevNeumann@aol.com.

Nichole Helgerson Kinnetz (c/o 93) worked for AAFES after graduation until Berlin closed. She joined the A.F. and moved to SD. From there she visited her parents in MN frequently and met her husband, Scott. She's still stationed in SD but is fulfilling a one year hardship tour in Korea. Then she and Scott are off to Japan for two to three years.

Rebekah Norris (c/o 93) (sister of Jennifer c/o 88 and JJ c/o 90 and daughter of BAHS secretary Mrs. Norris) lived in MS but moved to Tampa, FL.

BAHS Class of 1994-Last Class.

(BAHS closed in 94-many little brothers and sisters who attended didn't graduate from our Alma Mater.).

Cathleen P. Houston Degenhart (c/o 94) (sister of Mary c/o 87 and Chris c/o 88) left Berlin to graduate elsewhere. She lived in Carson City, NV for four years and met her husband, Derek. They have two children: Maya and Carson; and they have moved to San Antonio, TX near her brother Chris. E-mail: HoustonSam@aol.com or CDegenhart@aol.com.

Diane Smith Moore (c/o 94) attended from 8th grade to junior year and moved to Bavaria with her family. She ccame back in time to graduate from BAHS. She is now is GA working with horses. She married her childhood sweetheart, Brady.

Christy King (c/o 94) is studying abroad in Europe.

Eunice M. Sora (c/o 94) (sister of Bruce c/o 91 and Adrian c/o 92) graduated H. S. in Killeen, TX and attended UT Austin. She returned to Killeen to work and study but hopes to save money and resume her studies at UT Austin. (254) 690-7229 E-mail: Eunice1@hotmail.com.

Evan Cotton (c/o 94) E-mail: akguy1@alaska.net.

Jerry Hardy (c/o 94) joined the Army and is stationed in Fort Bragg, NC. E-mail: jabiga4511@aol.com or Volimmuski@aol.com.

Justin Purvis (c/o 94) lives in VA with his wife and works as a dance instructor. E-mail: Mulder7355@aol.com.

Keith O'tey (c/o 94) E-mail: HarleyRay@prodigy.net.

Kelly Nunn (c/o 94) (sister of Eddie c/o 93) She'll graduate in Dec. 98 from UWF in Pensacola, FL as a Psychology major. She manages a restaurant in Ft. Walton Beach.

Markus Oergel (c/o 94) went to JFK all but his senior year and graduated from BAHS. He lives in NYC and Berlin and has a band called "Harlekinz" that has played all over Europe, on MTV, VIVA, and ZDF. He also does television commercials. He keeps in touch with another JFK/BAHSer named Tareck Helmy (BAHS c/o 94) who is also in a band. He also keeps in touch with Ralph DeGruy (BAHS c/o 85). His mother is in Hanau with the Army, so he can be reached through her e-mail: oergelg@asgdpw.hanau.army.mil.

Matthew "Matt" Barnett (c/o 94) (brother of Lori c/o 89 and Steve c/o 90) attended for 7th and 8th grades and graduated from Arundel H. S. in MD and married Billie Renee Toon. The couple had Madilyn in April 97. All three are at Maguire AFB in NJ where Matt is in the A. F. E-mail: brbarnett@juno.com.

Nathan Stieler (c/o 94) (brother of Erin c/o 92 and Elizabeth c/o 96) E-mail: Dstiechief@aol.com.

Ruben Solis (c/o 94) E-mail: SolisR@rocketmail.com.

Shannon McMurray Holcombe (c/o 94) (sister of Danelle c/o 91) left in freshman yr. She lives in Beatrice, NB and works as one of the managers of a fast food restaurant. She is engaged to marry in June 98. Her finance, Jeremy, is a supervisor in a factory that makes batteries. Danelle's e-mail: DanelleMc@hotmail.com.

Shannon Nichols Robaska (c/o 94) after graduation, she moved to NB for about 2 1/2 years and then TX where she met her husband, Kevin. They have a son: Dalton. She works as a bus attendant for handicapped children.

Sherin Janey Monds (c/o 94) is married and has a daughter named Cheranity. She went to college and earned a B. S. in science and is working on a veterinarian technician's degree. She lived in NC and now in NY. She's also launching a career writing children's books. E-mail: Mondo@mail.gisco.net.

Tareck Helmy (c/o 94) went to JFk all but his senior year and graduated from BAHS. He spent a year in the German military and now has a band called "Kinz-Cloze". The band appears with another band by a BAHS grad: Markus Oergel (c/o 94). They also have many concerts in Berlin.

Timothy "Tim" N. Allen (c/o 94) (brother of Jennifer c/o 90) graduated high school in Pensacola, FL and is a manager of Lone Star, a Texas style steakhouse chain, first in Pensacola then in Mobile, AL. Since he owns a house in Pensacola, and his sister and parents are in the area, the possibility of a transfer back to there exists. (850) 516-8739.

Timothy "Tim" Howard (c/o 94) (brother of Candace c/o 89) left after his freshman year and graduated from ??. He lives in San Antonio, TX. E-mail: raflores@utexas.edu.