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This early list is compiled from alert notifications from respective individuals. Official Hotel booking reports will enhance this list closer to
event dates. In the meantime you can have your name added by emailing

Charlie Bluem - FAC '69-'94
Werner Prigge - FAC '72-'94
MaryLynn (Schuppan) Werner-Minges - FAC TAR '64-'70

Parents & Family

Florian Weiss - American Curator - Allied Museum
Michele Clifford

Mike Cleveland '61 and wife Liz

Veanna "Kaye" (Stewart) Crawford '62 and guest Kathleen Davenport

Jeanne (Winslow) Durbin '70 and husband Greg

Brenda (Ezell) Garth '71 and husband Jim - 2nd to Register
Toni (Yarbrough) Combs '71

Joyce (Clark) Mallon '72
Glenn Goltz '72 and wife Alexa
Pat (Martel) Little '72 and husband Roger
Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72,
Diana (Bock) DuPree Nurnberg '75

Bonnie (Bates) Everett '73, husband James, daughter Elaine & friend Justin Mainous
Cathy (Coats) Kelton '73 and husband Sam
Carl Fenstermacher '73

Deb (Brians) Clark '74, Gail (Hatchett) Bursh '74 Nurnberg, Michelle Hettich '74 Nurnberg
Gary Robinson '74 and wife Susan

Jackie (Strickland) Parks '75

Billy Jordan '76 and wife Kathy (Misawa '75 Brat)
Mark Owen '76 and wife JoAnn
Jolene (Shriver) Heller '76 and husband Dennis

Julie Langley '77
Greg Mattson '77 First to Register
Kim (McLean) Hunt '77
Robyn (Simpson) Simnioniw '77
Gina (Stickland) Cooper '77
Shelly (Williams) Matthews '77

Steve Craig '78
Laura (Colangelo) Morris '79 and husband Andy
Cindy (Grey) Mitchell '79
Alison (Jaynes) Merle '79 and husband Ross
Paola Meimaris '79 and Ken Lineman
Theresa Ledbetter '80
Tod Mattson '80
Peter Stein '80
Regina (Williams) Hanson '80

Kathy (Sams) Berch '81
Karen (Brown) Donovan '81, Mom, Sister and 1 Guest 

Robert Colangelo '82
Karen (Kohn) Zietlow '82 and daughter Sydney Zietlow

Mina (Buenviaje) Tice '83
Jonathon Fowler '83
James Miller '83
Larry Speer '83

Jessica (Jacalone) Killpack '84

Eric Buenviaje '85
Jenni (Hewitt) Shaw '85
Tim Shaw '85
Tim Snow '85 and wife Amy
David Whitney '85 

Marc Abrams '86 and wife Stephanie
Jennifer (Buenviaje) Weggen '86
Kristy O'Hearne '86

Rob Ahrens '87
Steven Kinzie '87
Michael "Smurf" James '87
Kim (Szymkowski) Gero '87

Joy (Campolo) Turner '88
Jenny (Hoffman) Mancini '88 and husband Fred
Tammie Kaman '88
Ken Magee '88 and wife Tess
Christopher Torgersen '88

Anne-Marie (Carey) Neal '89
David Horner '89 and wife Kathryn

William "Bill" Adams '90 and wife Suzanne
Michelle Estes '90

Nichole (Clayton) Hutchison '92 and hubby Kyle '92 Weisbaden Brat
David Hoffman '92
Kimberly (Vroom) Scott '92

Faith (Auld) Ramsay '94

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