Offical Berlin Brats Reunion Photographer 2006


We're pleased to announce that Bryan Duckett, Co-Class Contact for '84 and photographer extrordinaire has agreed to be our OFFICIAL REUNION PHOTOGRAPHER in 2006 (in Berlin!)

Many of you are already aware of Bryan's work, but if not, our mere words can not describe his need to view for yourself. Click on and sit back and enjoy his artistic beauty.

Bryan will be taking our usual class photos, our group panoramic and action shots throughout the Reunion weekend. Individual Class Photos, the panoramic and a DVD of action shots from the entire Reunion will be available for purchase. Additionally, he will do private photo shoots for those interested.

As we get a little closer to the Reunion Bryan will post an advance order form. One need not attend the Reunion to place an order. Should you wish to contact Bryan with any questions please email him at: and/or visit his website at:

Below are some comments from fellow Berlin classmates:

Nice Job Bryan! So glad to hear you are going to be the '06 OFFICIAL photographer!! WAHOO!! Fantastic job on the slideshow! I recognize some of those folks!! :-)
Jenni Hewitt, Co-Class Contact '85

As always, incredible! I love the fact that you included ethnic people! It is difficult to find a photographer that can take good professional photos of blacks without making them look too dark, or losing the feeling of softness that they seem to be able to capture with their white subjects. I'm looking forward to pics in 2006! Keep up the good work, Bry!
Yoshika Loftin, Class Contact '83

Bryan, those are some awesome; awesome pictures. You have a special gift make sure you keep developing it. Do not let it pass!!! I have never seen more beautiful pictures. You really captured the moments.
William Pollard '83

And a note from Bryan:

I would like to thank the Berlin Brats Alumni Association for giving me the opportunity to be the 2006 Reunion Photographer in Berlin. This will be a special time for us Berlin Brats, and I would like to make this even more memorable, by providing great images of the Reunion, the events, the locations, and the people involved.

I will be offering family/individual/group photo sessions, in addition to the Class Pictures. If you are bringing your family, your spouse, your children, your best friend, or just yourself, and would like to have some great portraits to remember this trip, then please let me know. I will be bringing my studio equipment to the Reunion and will have it setup during the entire Reunion. Advance bookings for those that are interested in portraits will be taken. More information regarding the photo sessions will appear on this site as the time nears. I would also like to offer location sessions to those that are interested.

If you are not familiar with my work, please take a look at the website noted above. I look forward to seeing you in BERLIN!

Just in: Bryan's photo "Fatherly Love" has just won the Portraits category in this year's Digital Camera Magazine, Photographer of the Year 2005. Click here to see winning image.

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