Things To Pack & Weather

Things To Pack & Weather

Things To Pack

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Passport! Is you passport current? Click here for Passport information. Take a digital picture of your passport and e-mail it to yourself. That way, if you loose it, you'll be able to get a copy of it anywhere you are.

Adapters - Don't forget, Europe is 220Volts.

Annuals / Yearbooks - A great conversation & memory starter.

Camera / Camcorders - Bring enough film, batteries & memory devices too!

Comfy Walking Shoes - You'll probably be walking a lot!

Day of Rest - Jet lag can cause a wallop flying from US to Germany as a night is lost (completely to anyone who cannot catch a wink on a plane). It might be good idea to take the hotel up on the offer with special BAHS rates as of July 22 and come earlier.

Medicine - enough for your trip... blood pressure, asthma, etc.

Photo Albums - A great conversation & memory starter.

Wash Cloth - European hotels don't typically offer these.


Click here for Berlin weather from the World Meteorological Organization.

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