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If not, get ready for 2006 now. Avoid this last minute expense and exercise.

Most countries require that your passport be valid at least 6 months beyond the dates of your trip. If you need to apply for a new passport, renew your old one, or add visa pages:
     Visit your local main Post Office
     Click on
     Contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-900-225-5674

AIRPORTS - BERLIN has 3 airports

TXL - Tegel Airport:
Main airport for arrivals from Western Europe and the U.S.
10 miles from the Steglitz Best Western hotel
By taxi: 15-20 Euros to hotel/25 minute trip
By bus/train: Take Bus X9 to Zoologischer Garten Bhf, then U-Bahn U9 to Rathaus Steglitz
  2 Euro per person/35 minutes

THF - Templehof Airport:
Flights are from within Europe
5 miles from the Steglitz Best Western hotel
By taxi: 15-20 Euros to hotel/25 minute trip
By bus/train: Take Bus 104 to Dominicusstr./Hauptstr., then Bus 148 to Rathaus Steglitz
  2 Euro per person/30 minutes

SXF - Schoenefeld Airport:
East European, Russian and Israeli Airlines primarily use this airport
15 miles from the Steglitz Best Western hotel
By taxi: 55 Euros to hotel/50 minute trip
By bus/train: Take Bus 171 to Neukoelln, then S-Bahn S46 to Schoeneberg, then S-Bahn S1 to Rathaus Steglitz
  2 Euro per person/55 minutes


Check out the following websites for the best fares:

Check out the following website for the cheapest Europe to Europe flights:

Frequent Flyer Miles
If you want to use Frequent Flyer miles for this trip, seats in the summer are usually hard to get ~ so book early!!!

Need a Travel Agent?
Click on the airplane if you would like a Travel Agency to assist you with your plans.


Dates to Remember when you Plan your Vacation!
The German School Systems take vacation at different times. This year, BERLIN Schools will take vacation 23 June - 6 August. Check out the schedule below if you want to plan travels before/after the reunion in other parts of Germany.

BAHS Reunion 27-Jul-06 30-Jul-06
FIFA World Cup in Germany 9-Jun-06 9-Jul-06
German States Summer 2006 Vacation Schedule
State Baden-Wuerttemberg 28-Jul-06 10-Sep-06
Bavaria 1-Aug-06 12-Sep-06
BERLIN 23-Jun-06 6-Aug-06
Brandenburg 23-Jun-06 6-Aug-06
Bremen 14-Jul-06 24-Aug-06
Hamburg 30-Jun-06 10-Aug-06
Hessen 25-Jul-06 3-Sep-06
Mecklenb.-W.Pom. 27-Jun-06 6-Aug-06
Lower Saxony 14-Jul-06 24-Aug-06
North Rhine-Westphalia 7-Jul-06 19-Aug-06
Rhineland-Palatinate 25-Jul-06 2-Sep-06
Saarland 2-Jul-06 3-Sep-06
Saxonia 18-Jul-06 26-Aug-06
Saxonia-Anhalt 14-Jul-06 24-Aug-06
Schleswig-Holstein 27-Jun-06 6-Aug-06
Thuringia 14-Jul-06 24-Aug-06


For those of you who may be entertaining a drive through Europe, below is a list of Rental Car companies you can check with. Please note: a car is absolutely not needed while in BERLIN and gas is over $5 a gallon. There are busses and an U-Bahn station directly outside the hotel. Remember mass transit in BERLIN is excellent and readily available!

Rental Car Companies doing business in Europe are: Offers rates for 35 countries and specialize in Germany. 1-800-521-6722 Rent a Smart car (2-seater) for 20 per day.

Caution: In Europe Automatic Transmission and Air-Conditioning are not automatically given and generally not unless specifically requested. You will need to specify this if that is what you want or need. Also, you will pay considerably more for these vehicles.


BOOK a 4 Door BMW vehicle with leather interior! The "shuttle service" is offered by our hotel. Just book at the hotel reception desk for a ride to/from the airport, the rail station, the zoo, etc.

Tegel (one way) 29.50 Euros
Schonefeld (one way) 44.50 Euros
Rail station/Zoologischer Garten (one way) 15.50 Euros
Potsdamer Platz (one way) 18.50 Euros

Additional destinations/tours upon request. Place your order with the front desk.


Here's a map for those taking the Prague trip at the end of the reunion.

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