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8-11 Nov 2014 +4 day trip to Poland
days and a wake up!

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1. How do I call phone numbers in Germany?
You'll see the hotel listed as:
Tel: +49(0) 30 - 79 00 50
Drop the zero when calling from the states. Here is what you will dial:
011 - 49 - 30 - 79 00 50

Here's a breakdown:
011 gets you an international line from the states
49 is the country code for Germany
30 is the city code for BERLIN (cell phone numbers will be 171, 169, 160, 173 or something like that)
then dial the rest of the number - don't get fooled, because German numbers don't always have the same number of digits, just dial the number

2. Should we bring memorabilia?
Absolutely! It’s practically a requirement! Everyone will be reminiscing and sharing yearbooks, photos and scrapbooks. However, at this particular Reunion we will not be having a "hospitality room."

3. Must I be a graduate of BAHS?
Heavens No! The only prerequisite is that you have fond memories of your days at BERLIN American High School, TAR or just BERLIN!

4. Is Association Membership required to attend the Reunion?
No. However, your support allows us to maintain our website, purchase software, purchase merchandise, purchase traditional office and mailing supplies, and pre-plan Reunions like this one.

5. Can we handle special dietary meals?
Yes! But contact Jeri (Polansky) Glass '72 at the BERLIN Brats as soon as possible. ( or 623-764-1105)

6. Can parents attend?
Yes! Several have already indicated they will be coming. Many parents were very active in our school system as chaperones at school dances, the AYA/DYA dances, and on the duty train. We would love to see them again too!

7. Do we pay the "registration fee" for our children?
Yes! If they are attending our events with you. We have to reserve the same seats and meals to include them in our head counts to the bus company and the hotel. They will be treated as a normal registration with all the same benefits.

8. Will there be a "Cash Bar?"
Yes. Both for the Welcome Reception on Saturday and for the Dinner/Dance on Monday. Paid in Euros to the hotel.

9. Who should we see about the "other special activities" in BERLIN?
The hotel’s concierge, some other BERLIN alums and of course the internet. Click here for our list of Things to Do.

10. How do I get Euro money?
There are Banking services and an ATM machine 40 feet from the Hotel front door.

11. Do we need a rental car during our stay in BERLIN?
Absolutely not! Have you forgotten how good the German public transportation system is? Right out the front door of the hotel is an -bahn / -bahn stop. Out the back door of the hotel is a major bus transfer station. So we’re uniquely situated! Should you insist on a rental car, click here for our recommendations. You might want to try one of the new "Smart Cars" everyone is talking about. They too are listed on our site.

12. How do I get the best dollar value for this weekend?
a. Leave the driving to Germany’s public transportation system. As we stated above a car is not needed in BERLIN.
b. Visit the hotel’s bar for discounted drinks just for us.
c. Mail your registration fee in prior to 31 August 2014 and avoid the late fee.
d. TIP like a German. Germans don't tip 20-30% like Americans do. 1 Euro per person for a dinner is more than enough because a 15% service charge is already included in all restaurant and bar prices.
e. Purchase a Welcome Card (online or from our hotel front desk) which gives you discounts on travel and entrance fees to various sites in BERLIN.

13. What is the dress for the Welcome/Reception on Saturday?
Casual, as this may be a travel day for some. Also since “Casual- Elegance” is reserved for the Monday Night Banquet we won’t ask you to get “dressy” twice in one weekend!

14. What is School Spirit Day? School Colors?
On Monday we will be visiting the former BAHS, taking Class Pictures and the Group Panoramic. We would like to look "spiffy" for ALL!!! So please plan "maroon & white" attire or better yet, plan on buying a Reunion "hoodie or polo shirt" once you arrive on site. A large percentage of attendees did this in '03 & '06 and it looked so "cool" in our Class Pictures and the Panoramic Photo. Be sure to bring your checkbook or checks for this purchase. The BERLIN Brats may not be able to process credit cards on site and does not want to transport "cash" back to the U.S.

15. What is meant by “casual – elegance” dress attire for the Mondy night dinner dance?
Well, the ladies like to dress up and the men don’t. SO, the ladies will (get dressy) …..and the men will be casual (ie: they will not be required to wear a suit NOR coat and tie). Hint to you men though, the ladies do like to see you a little dressy….so a nice shirt and slacks would be nice. To really score…add a blazer and you’ll be the hit of the evening!

16. Can I access the internet from the hotel?
Yes. The hotel has WIFI throughout. There is also a Business Center off the lobby.

17. Will there be a babysitting service?
Yes. A Berlin Brat in attendance at the Reunion will have her two teenage sons with her - who are willing to Babysit in house. Please email Jeri Glass at or call her at 623-764-1105 to request further info. Arrangements MUST BE IN PLACE in advance of the Reunion. Waiting till you are on site at the Reunion is not an option for every one's planning purposes.

18. Hair Dryers?
The Hotel Steglitz has Hair Dryers in every room.

19. Coffee?
There are NO coffee makers in the individual sleeping rooms but there are coffee stations on each floor. Coffee and tea is free and available 24 hrs.

20. Wash cloths?
There are NO wash cloths in the rooms. Bring your own if you use them. However, there are some availabile from the front desk.

21. Ironing?
Irons and ironing boards are on request from the front desk.

22. BERLIN Brat Merchandise?
Bring your checkbook to buy any of our For Sale Merchandise on site. Our credit charging device may not work efficiently on site and we do not want to accept cash with all of us traveling. Please note: checks are not good for payment for anything in Europe besides the Brat Merchandise items.

23. Medication
Keep your "meds" in a prescription bottle w/your name on it to prevent any airport security issues.

24. US-Euro Adaptors
The hotel has some in-house adaptors for our use. Additionally we, the BERLIN Brats, are buying some extras ones that you will be able to purchase on site. They are very inexpensive.

25. Laundromat?
The Hotel does provide laundry service in house. A fee schedule will be posted in your individual room.
The Hotel informs there a public Laundromat 100 meters from the Hotel.


If not, get ready for 2014 now. Avoid this last minute expense and exercise.
     Visit your local main Post Office
     Click on

Schengen countries (Germany & 24 others) require that your passport must be valid at least 3 months beyond the dates of your trip.

Take a digital picture of your passport and e-mail it to yourself. That way, if you loose it, you'll be able to get a copy of it anywhere you are.

TXL - Tegel Airport:
  10 miles from the Steglitz Best Western hotel
  By taxi: ~23 Euros to hotel/25 minute trip
  By bus/train: Take Bus X9 to Zoologischer Garten Bhf, then U-Bahn U9 to Rathaus Steglitz
    ? Euros per person/35 minutes
  SXF - Schoenefeld Airport:
  15 miles from the Steglitz Best Western hotel
  By taxi: ?? Euros to hotel/50 minute trip
  By bus/train: Take Bus 171 to Neukoelln, then S-Bahn S46 to Schoeneberg, then S-Bahn S1 to Rathaus Steglitz
    ? Euros per person/55 minutes
Willy Brandt Airport:
This new airport is not expected to open until 2016.

Check out the following website for the best fares:
Check out the following website for the cheapest Europe to Europe flights:
Check out Air Berlin. Flights out of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Co-share agreement with American Airlines.

For those of you who may be entertaining a drive through Europe, below is a list of Rental Car companies you can check with. Please note: a car is absolutely not needed while in BERLIN and gas is over $5 a gallon. There are busses and an U-Bahn station directly outside the hotel. Remember mass transit in BERLIN is excellent and readily available.
Rental Car Companies doing business in Europe are: Offers rates for 35 countries and specialize in Germany. 1-800-521-6722 Rent a Smart car (2-seater) for 20€ per day.2006 prices, we need to update this

Caution: In Europe Automatic Transmission and Air-Conditioning are not automatically given and generally not unless specifically requested. You will need to specify this if that is what you want or need. Also, you will pay considerably more for these vehicles.

€ $ MONEY $ €

The European Union has consolidated their currency systems and now many countries use the Euro. So you can’t use any old Deutsch Marks (DMs) you may have saved over the years and you won’t be able to pay the bathroom lady 10 Pfennig anymore.
If you do have any old DMs saved up you can exchange them for Euros at the Deutsche Bundesbank:
     Kurstraße 40
     10117 BERLIN
     near U-Bahn Hausvogteiplatz
     Monday thru Friday from 8:30am - 1:00pm
     Telephone: 011-49-30-3475-0 or 011-49-30-3475-2890

ATM Cards
Using an ATM is the easiest way to get cash in Europe and will give you the best exchange rate. Some banks allow one overseas ATM transaction to go through, but block any further transactions for security reasons.
Check with your bank if you need to notify them when you will be overseas so your transactions will not be blocked.
Also, money withdrawal service charges can be as much as $6 per transaction. Check with your bank to verify how much your transactions will cost you.

VAT Refunds
Americans can receive a refund for German taxes on some purchases. Check this site out for more information:

You can’t rely on your VISA or MasterCard in Germany like you can in the states, because many restaurants and some stores in Germany do not take credit cards. They accept only cash or EC (European Currency) cards. So make sure and carry enough cash for your expenses.


Passport! - Don't forget your passport!

Adapters - Don't forget, Europe is 220Volts.

Annuals / Yearbooks / Photo Albums - Great conversation & memory starters.

Camera / Camcorders - Bring enough film, batteries & memory devices too!

Comfy Walking Shoes - You'll probably be walking a lot!

Day of Rest - Jet lag can cause a wallop flying from US to Germany as a night is lost (completely to anyone who cannot catch a wink on a plane). It might be good idea to take the hotel up on the offer with special BAHS rates as of 2 November 2014 and come earlier.

Medicine - enough for your trip... blood pressure, asthma, etc.

We look forward to seeing YOU ALL THERE!

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